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var HeapsterAllInOneDownloadConfig = map[api.ResourceKind]bool{
	api.ResourceKindPod:  true,
	api.ResourceKindNode: false,

HeapsterAllInOneDownloadConfig holds config information specifying whether given native Heapster resource type supports list download.


func CreateHeapsterClient

func CreateHeapsterClient(host string, k8sClient kubernetes.Interface) (
	metricapi.MetricClient, error)

CreateHeapsterClient creates new Heapster client. When heapsterHost param is empty string the function assumes that it is running inside a Kubernetes cluster and connects via service proxy. heapsterHost param is in the format of protocol://address:port, e.g., http://localhost:8002.

func DataPointsFromMetricJSONFormat

func DataPointsFromMetricJSONFormat(raw heapster.MetricResult) (dp metricapi.DataPoints)

DataPointsFromMetricJSONFormat converts all the data points from format used by heapster to our format.


type HeapsterRESTClient

type HeapsterRESTClient interface {
	// Creates a new GET HTTP request to heapster, specified by the path param, to the V1 API
	// endpoint. The path param is without the API prefix, e.g.,
	// /model/namespaces/default/pod-list/foo/metrics/memory-usage
	Get(path string) RequestInterface
	HealthCheck() error

HeapsterRESTClient is used to make raw requests to heapster.

type RequestInterface

type RequestInterface interface {
	DoRaw() ([]byte, error)
	AbsPath(segments ...string) *rest.Request

RequestInterface is an interface that allows to make operations on pure request object. Separation is done to allow testing.

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