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var EmptyEventList = &common.EventList{
	Events: make([]common.Event, 0),
	ListMeta: api.ListMeta{
		TotalItems: 0,

EmptyEventList is a empty list of events.

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var FailedReasonPartials = []string{"failed", "err", "exceeded", "invalid", "unhealthy",
	"mismatch", "insufficient", "conflict", "outof", "nil", "backoff"}

FailedReasonPartials is an array of partial strings to correctly filter warning events. Have to be lower case for correct case insensitive comparison. Based on k8s official events reason file: https://github.com/kubernetes/kubernetes/blob/886e04f1fffbb04faf8a9f9ee141143b2684ae68/pkg/kubelet/events/event.go Partial strings that are not in event.go file are added in order to support older versions of k8s which contained additional event reason messages.


func CreateEventList added in v1.1.1

func CreateEventList(events []v1.Event, dsQuery *dataselect.DataSelectQuery) common.EventList

CreateEventList converts array of api events to common EventList structure

func FillEventsType

func FillEventsType(events []v1.Event) []v1.Event

Based on event Reason fills event Type in order to allow correct filtering by Type.

func GetEvents

func GetEvents(client client.Interface, namespace, resourceName string) ([]v1.Event, error)

GetEvents gets events associated to resource with given name.

func GetNamespaceEvents added in v1.1.1

func GetNamespaceEvents(client client.Interface, dsQuery *dataselect.DataSelectQuery, namespace string) (common.EventList, error)

GetNamespaceEvents gets events associated to a namespace with given name.

func GetNodeEvents

func GetNodeEvents(client client.Interface, dsQuery *dataselect.DataSelectQuery, nodeName string) (*common.EventList, error)

GetNodeEvents gets events associated to node with given name.

func GetPodEvents added in v1.6.0

func GetPodEvents(client client.Interface, namespace, podName string) ([]v1.Event, error)

GetPodEvents gets pods events associated to pod name and namespace

func GetPodsEventWarnings

func GetPodsEventWarnings(events []api.Event, pods []api.Pod) []common.Event

GetPodsEventWarnings returns warning pod events by filtering out events targeting only given pods TODO(floreks) : Import and use Set instead of custom function to get rid of duplicates

func GetPodsEvents

func GetPodsEvents(client client.Interface, namespace string, pods []v1.Pod) (
	[]v1.Event, error)

GetPodsEvents gets events targeting given list of pods.

func GetResourceEvents added in v1.6.3

func GetResourceEvents(client client.Interface, dsQuery *dataselect.DataSelectQuery, namespace, name string) (
	*common.EventList, error)

GetResourceEvents gets events associated to specified resource.

func ToEvent added in v1.1.1

func ToEvent(event v1.Event) common.Event

ToEvent converts event api Event to Event model object.


type EventCell added in v1.4.0

type EventCell v1.Event

func (EventCell) GetProperty added in v1.4.0

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