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type Ingress

type Ingress struct {
	api.ObjectMeta `json:"objectMeta"`
	api.TypeMeta   `json:"typeMeta"`

	// External endpoints of this ingress.
	Endpoints []common.Endpoint `json:"endpoints"`

Ingress - a single ingress returned to the frontend.

type IngressCell

type IngressCell extensions.Ingress

func (IngressCell) GetProperty

type IngressDetail

type IngressDetail struct {
	ObjectMeta api.ObjectMeta `json:"objectMeta"`
	TypeMeta   api.TypeMeta   `json:"typeMeta"`

	// TODO(bryk): replace this with UI specific fields.
	// Spec is the desired state of the Ingress.
	Spec extensions.IngressSpec `json:"spec"`

	// Status is the current state of the Ingress.
	Status extensions.IngressStatus `json:"status"`

	// List of non-critical errors, that occurred during resource retrieval.
	Errors []error `json:"errors"`

IngressDetail API resource provides mechanisms to inject containers with configuration data while keeping containers agnostic of Kubernetes

func GetIngressDetail

func GetIngressDetail(client client.Interface, namespace, name string) (*IngressDetail, error)

GetIngressDetail returns detailed information about an ingress

type IngressList

type IngressList struct {
	api.ListMeta `json:"listMeta"`

	// Unordered list of Ingresss.
	Items []Ingress `json:"items"`

	// List of non-critical errors, that occurred during resource retrieval.
	Errors []error `json:"errors"`

IngressList - response structure for a queried ingress list.

func GetIngressList

func GetIngressList(client client.Interface, namespace *common.NamespaceQuery,
	dsQuery *dataselect.DataSelectQuery) (*IngressList, error)

GetIngressList returns all ingresses in the given namespace.

func GetIngressListFromChannels

func GetIngressListFromChannels(channels *common.ResourceChannels, dsQuery *dataselect.DataSelectQuery) (*IngressList, error)

GetIngressListFromChannels - return all ingresses in the given namespace.

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