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Published: Oct 22, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:



var DefaultInstallControlPlaneArgs = InstallControlPlaneArgs{
	Namespace:               "kuma-system",
	ImagePullPolicy:         "IfNotPresent",
	ControlPlaneVersion:     kuma_version.Build.Version,
	ControlPlaneImage:       "",
	ControlPlaneServiceName: "kuma-control-plane",
	AdmissionServerTlsCert:  "",
	AdmissionServerTlsKey:   "",
	InjectorFailurePolicy:   "Ignore",
	DataplaneImage:          "",
	DataplaneInitImage:      "",
	SdsTlsCert:              "",
	SdsTlsKey:               "",
	CNIImage:                "lobkovilya/install-cni",
	CNIVersion:              "0.0.2",
	KumaCpMode:              core.Standalone,
	Zone:                    "",
	GlobalRemotePortType:    "LoadBalancer",
	ControlPlane_envVars:    map[string]string{},
var DefaultInstallIngressArgs = InstallIngressArgs{
	Namespace:       "kuma-system",
	Image:           "",
	Version:         kuma_version.Build.Version,
	ImagePullPolicy: "IfNotPresent",
	Mesh:            "default",
	DrainTime:       "30s",
	KumaCpAddress:   "http://kuma-control-plane.kuma-system:5681",
	IngressPortType: "LoadBalancer",
var DefaultMetricsTemplateArgs = metricsTemplateArgs{
	Namespace:               "kuma-metrics",
	KumaPrometheusSdImage:   "",
	KumaPrometheusSdVersion: kuma_version.Build.Version,
	KumaCpAddress:           "http://kuma-control-plane.kuma-system:5681",
var InstallCpTemplateFilesFn = InstallCpTemplateFiles
var (
	// overridable by unit tests
	NewSelfSignedCert = tls.NewSelfSignedCert

func InstallCpTemplateFiles

func InstallCpTemplateFiles(args InstallControlPlaneArgs) (data.FileList, error)

func NewInstallCmd

func NewInstallCmd(pctx *kumactl_cmd.RootContext) *cobra.Command

type ImageEnvSecret

type ImageEnvSecret struct {
	Env    string
	Secret string
	Key    string

type InstallControlPlaneArgs

type InstallControlPlaneArgs struct {
	Namespace               string
	ImagePullPolicy         string
	ControlPlaneVersion     string
	ControlPlaneImage       string
	ControlPlaneServiceName string
	ControlPlaneSecrets     []ImageEnvSecret
	AdmissionServerTlsCert  string
	AdmissionServerTlsKey   string
	InjectorFailurePolicy   string
	DataplaneImage          string
	DataplaneInitImage      string
	SdsTlsCert              string
	SdsTlsKey               string
	KdsTlsCert              string
	KdsTlsKey               string
	KdsGlobalAddress        string
	CNIEnabled              bool
	CNIImage                string
	CNIVersion              string
	KumaCpMode              string
	Zone                    string
	GlobalRemotePortType    string
	ControlPlane_envVars    map[string]string `helm:"controlPlane.envVars"`

type InstallIngressArgs

type InstallIngressArgs struct {
	Namespace       string
	Image           string
	Version         string
	ImagePullPolicy string
	Mesh            string
	DrainTime       string
	KumaCpAddress   string
	IngressPortType string

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