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type MonitoringAssignmentServerConfig

type MonitoringAssignmentServerConfig struct {
	// Port of a gRPC server that serves Monitoring Assignment Discovery Service (MADS).
	GrpcPort uint32 `yaml:"grpcPort" envconfig:"kuma_monitoring_assignment_server_grpc_port"`

	// Interval for re-generating monitoring assignments for clients connected to the Control Plane.
	AssignmentRefreshInterval time.Duration `yaml:"assignmentRefreshInterval" envconfig:"kuma_monitoring_assignment_server_assignment_refresh_interval"`

Monitoring Assignment Discovery Service (MADS) server configuration.

func DefaultMonitoringAssignmentServerConfig

func DefaultMonitoringAssignmentServerConfig() *MonitoringAssignmentServerConfig

func (*MonitoringAssignmentServerConfig) Sanitize

func (c *MonitoringAssignmentServerConfig) Sanitize()

func (*MonitoringAssignmentServerConfig) Validate

func (c *MonitoringAssignmentServerConfig) Validate() (errs error)

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