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type PostgresStoreConfig

type PostgresStoreConfig struct {
	// Host of the Postgres DB
	Host string `yaml:"host" envconfig:"kuma_store_postgres_host"`
	// Port of the Postgres DB
	Port int `yaml:"port" envconfig:"kuma_store_postgres_port"`
	// User of the Postgres DB
	User string `yaml:"user" envconfig:"kuma_store_postgres_user"`
	// Password of the Postgres DB
	Password string `yaml:"password" envconfig:"kuma_store_postgres_password"`
	// Database name of the Postgres DB
	DbName string `yaml:"dbName" envconfig:"kuma_store_postgres_db_name"`
	// Connection Timeout to the DB in seconds
	ConnectionTimeout int `yaml:"connectionTimeout" envconfig:"kuma_store_postgres_connection_timeout"`
	// Maximum number of open connections to the database
	// `0` value means number of open connections is unlimited
	MaxOpenConnections int `yaml:"maxOpenConnections" envconfig:"kuma_store_postgres_max_open_connections"`
	// TLS settings
	TLS TLSPostgresStoreConfig `yaml:"tls"`
	// MinReconnectInterval controls the duration to wait before trying to
	// re-establish the database connection after connection loss. After each
	// consecutive failure this interval is doubled, until MaxReconnectInterval
	// is reached. Successfully completing the connection establishment procedure
	// resets the interval back to MinReconnectInterval.
	MinReconnectInterval time.Duration `yaml:"minReconnectInterval" envconfig:"kuma_store_postgres_min_reconnect_interval"`
	// MaxReconnectInterval controls the maximum possible duration to wait before trying
	// to re-establish the database connection after connection loss.
	MaxReconnectInterval time.Duration `yaml:"maxReconnectInterval" envconfig:"kuma_store_postgres_max_reconnect_interval"`

    Postgres store configuration

    func DefaultPostgresStoreConfig

    func DefaultPostgresStoreConfig() *PostgresStoreConfig

    func (*PostgresStoreConfig) Sanitize

    func (p *PostgresStoreConfig) Sanitize()

    func (*PostgresStoreConfig) Validate

    func (p *PostgresStoreConfig) Validate() error

    type TLSMode

    type TLSMode string

      Modes available here

      const (
      	Disable TLSMode = "disable"
      	// Always TLS (skip verification)
      	VerifyNone TLSMode = "verifyNone"
      	// Always TLS (verify that the certificate presented by the server was signed by a trusted CA)
      	VerifyCa TLSMode = "verifyCa"
      	// Always TLS (verify that the certification presented by the server was signed by a trusted CA and the server host name matches the one in the certificate)
      	VerifyFull TLSMode = "verifyFull"

      type TLSPostgresStoreConfig

      type TLSPostgresStoreConfig struct {
      	// Mode of TLS connection. Available values (disable, verifyNone, verifyCa, verifyFull)
      	Mode TLSMode `yaml:"mode" envconfig:"kuma_store_postgres_tls_mode"`
      	// Path to TLS Certificate of the client. Used in require, verifyCa and verifyFull modes
      	CertPath string `yaml:"certPath" envconfig:"kuma_store_postgres_tls_cert_path"`
      	// Path to TLS Key of the client. Used in verifyNone, verifyCa and verifyFull modes
      	KeyPath string `yaml:"keyPath" envconfig:"kuma_store_postgres_tls_key_path"`
      	// Path to the root certificate. Used in verifyCa and verifyFull modes.
      	CAPath string `yaml:"caPath" envconfig:"kuma_store_postgres_tls_ca_path"`

      func DefaultTLSPostgresStoreConfig

      func DefaultTLSPostgresStoreConfig() TLSPostgresStoreConfig

      func (TLSPostgresStoreConfig) Sanitize

      func (s TLSPostgresStoreConfig) Sanitize()

      func (TLSPostgresStoreConfig) Validate

      func (s TLSPostgresStoreConfig) Validate() error

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