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type BootstrapParamsConfig

type BootstrapParamsConfig struct {
	// Address of Envoy Admin
	AdminAddress string `yaml:"adminAddress" envconfig:"kuma_bootstrap_server_params_admin_address"`
	// Port of Envoy Admin
	AdminPort uint32 `yaml:"adminPort" envconfig:"kuma_bootstrap_server_params_admin_port"`
	// Path to access log file of Envoy Admin
	AdminAccessLogPath string `yaml:"adminAccessLogPath" envconfig:"kuma_bootstrap_server_params_admin_access_log_path"`
	// Host of XDS Server. By default it is the same host as the one used by kuma-dp to connect to the control plane
	XdsHost string `yaml:"xdsHost" envconfig:"kuma_bootstrap_server_params_xds_host"`
	// Port of XDS Server. By default it is autoconfigured from KUMA_XDS_SERVER_GRPC_PORT
	XdsPort uint32 `yaml:"xdsPort" envconfig:"kuma_bootstrap_server_params_xds_port"`
	// Connection timeout to the XDS Server
	XdsConnectTimeout time.Duration `yaml:"xdsConnectTimeout" envconfig:"kuma_bootstrap_server_params_xds_connect_timeout"`

func DefaultBootstrapParamsConfig

func DefaultBootstrapParamsConfig() *BootstrapParamsConfig

func (*BootstrapParamsConfig) Sanitize

func (b *BootstrapParamsConfig) Sanitize()

func (*BootstrapParamsConfig) Validate

func (b *BootstrapParamsConfig) Validate() error

type BootstrapServerConfig

type BootstrapServerConfig struct {
	// The version of Envoy API (available: "v2", "v3")
	APIVersion envoy_common.APIVersion `yaml:"apiVersion" envconfig:"kuma_bootstrap_server_api_version"`
	// Parameters of bootstrap configuration
	Params *BootstrapParamsConfig `yaml:"params"`

func DefaultBootstrapServerConfig

func DefaultBootstrapServerConfig() *BootstrapServerConfig

func (*BootstrapServerConfig) Sanitize

func (b *BootstrapServerConfig) Sanitize()

func (*BootstrapServerConfig) Validate

func (b *BootstrapServerConfig) Validate() error

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