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func FieldIndexName

func FieldIndexName(field string) string

    FieldIndexName constructs the name of the index over the given field, for use with an indexer.

    func KeyToNamespacedKey

    func KeyToNamespacedKey(ns string, baseKey string) string

      KeyToNamespacedKey prefixes the given index key with a namespace for use in field selector indexes.


      type CacheReader

      type CacheReader struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        CacheReader wraps a cache.Index to implement the client.CacheReader interface for a single type

        func (*CacheReader) Get

          Get checks the indexer for the object and writes a copy of it if found

          func (*CacheReader) List

          func (c *CacheReader) List(_ context.Context, out runtime.Object, opts ...client.ListOption) error

            List lists items out of the indexer and writes them to out

            type InformersMap

            type InformersMap struct {
            	// Scheme maps runtime.Objects to GroupVersionKinds
            	Scheme *runtime.Scheme
            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

              InformersMap create and caches Informers for (runtime.Object, schema.GroupVersionKind) pairs. It uses a standard parameter codec constructed based on the given generated Scheme.

              func NewInformersMap

              func NewInformersMap(config *rest.Config,
              	scheme *runtime.Scheme,
              	mapper meta.RESTMapper,
              	resync time.Duration,
              	namespace string,
              ) *InformersMap

                NewInformersMap creates a new InformersMap that can create informers for both structured and unstructured objects.

                func (*InformersMap) Get

                  Get will create a new Informer and add it to the map of InformersMap if none exists. Returns the Informer from the map.

                  func (*InformersMap) Start

                  func (m *InformersMap) Start(stop <-chan struct{}) error

                    Start calls Run on each of the informers and sets started to true. Blocks on the stop channel.

                    func (*InformersMap) WaitForCacheSync

                    func (m *InformersMap) WaitForCacheSync(stop <-chan struct{}) bool

                      WaitForCacheSync waits until all the caches have been started and synced.

                      type MapEntry

                      type MapEntry struct {
                      	// Informer is the cached informer
                      	Informer cache.SharedIndexInformer
                      	// CacheReader wraps Informer and implements the CacheReader interface for a single type
                      	Reader CacheReader

                        MapEntry contains the cached data for an Informer