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const (
	// KumaMeshAnnotation defines a Pod annotation that
	// associates a given Pod with a particular Mesh.
	// Annotation value must be the name of a Mesh resource.
	KumaMeshAnnotation = ""

	// KumaSidecarInjectionAnnotation defines a Pod/Namespace annotation that
	// gives users an ability to enable or disable sidecar-injection
	KumaSidecarInjectionAnnotation = ""

	// KumaGatewayAnnotation allows to mark Gateway pod,
	// inbound listeners won't be generated in that case
	KumaGatewayAnnotation = ""

	// KumaIngressAnnotation allows to mark pod with Kuma Ingress
	// which is crucial for Multizone communication
	KumaIngressAnnotation = ""

	// KumaIngressPublicAddressAnnotation allows to pick public address for Ingress
	// If not defined, Kuma will try to pick this address from the Ingress Service
	KumaIngressPublicAddressAnnotation = ""

	// KumaIngressPublicPortAnnotation allows to pick public port for Ingress
	// If not defined, Kuma will try to pick this address from the Ingress Service
	KumaIngressPublicPortAnnotation = ""

	// KumaDirectAccess defines a comma-separated list of Services that will be accessed directly
	KumaDirectAccess = ""

	// KumaVirtualProbesAnnotation enables automatic converting HttpGet probes to virtual. Virtual probe
	// serves on sub-path of insecure port defined in 'KumaVirtualProbesPortAnnotation',
	// i.e :8080/health/readiness -> :9000/8080/health/readiness where 9000 is a value of'KumaVirtualProbesPortAnnotation'
	KumaVirtualProbesAnnotation = ""

	// KumaVirtualProbesPortAnnotation is an insecure port for listening virtual probes
	KumaVirtualProbesPortAnnotation = ""

	// KumaMetricsPrometheusPort allows to override `Mesh`-wide default port
	KumaMetricsPrometheusPort = ""

	// KumaMetricsPrometheusPath to override `Mesh`-wide default path
	KumaMetricsPrometheusPath = ""

	KumaTrafficExcludeInboundPorts  = ""
	KumaTrafficExcludeOutboundPorts = ""

    Annotations that can be used by the end users.

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    const (
    	KumaSidecarInjectedAnnotation                 = ""
    	KumaTransparentProxyingAnnotation             = ""
    	KumaTransparentProxyingInboundPortAnnotation  = ""
    	KumaTransparentProxyingOutboundPortAnnotation = ""
    	CNCFNetworkAnnotation                         = ""
    	KumaCNI                                       = "kuma-cni"

      Annotations that are being automatically set by the Kuma Sidecar Injector.

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      const (
      	AnnotationEnabled  = "enabled"
      	AnnotationDisabled = "disabled"


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      type Annotations

      type Annotations map[string]string

      func (Annotations) GetBool

      func (a Annotations) GetBool(key string) (bool, bool, error)

      func (Annotations) GetEnabled

      func (a Annotations) GetEnabled(key string) (bool, bool, error)

      func (Annotations) GetString

      func (a Annotations) GetString(key string) (string, bool)

      func (Annotations) GetUint32

      func (a Annotations) GetUint32(key string) (uint32, bool, error)

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