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func CreateDownstreamTlsContext

func CreateDownstreamTlsContext(ctx xds_context.Context, metadata *core_xds.DataplaneMetadata) (*envoy_tls.DownstreamTlsContext, error)

    CreateDownstreamTlsContext creates DownstreamTlsContext for incoming connections It verifies that incoming connection has TLS certificate signed by Mesh CA with URI SAN of prefix spiffe://{mesh_name}/ It secures inbound listener with certificate of "identity_cert" that will be received from the SDS (it contains URI SANs of all inbounds). Access to SDS is secured by TLS certificate (set in config or autogenerated at CP start) and path to dataplane token

    func CreateUpstreamTlsContext

    func CreateUpstreamTlsContext(ctx xds_context.Context, metadata *core_xds.DataplaneMetadata, upstreamService string, sni string) (*envoy_tls.UpstreamTlsContext, error)

      CreateUpstreamTlsContext creates UpstreamTlsContext for outgoing connections It verifies that the upstream server has TLS certificate signed by Mesh CA with URI SAN of spiffe://{mesh_name}/{upstream_service} The downstream client exposes for the upstream server cert with multiple URI SANs, which means that if DP has inbound with services "web" and "web-api" and communicates with "backend" the upstream server ("backend") will see that DP with TLS certificate of URIs of "web" and "web-api". There is no way to correlate incoming request to "web" or "web-api" with outgoing request to "backend" to expose only one URI SAN.

      Pass "*" for upstreamService to validate that upstream service is a service that is part of the mesh (but not specific one)

      func MeshSpiffeIDPrefixMatcher

      func MeshSpiffeIDPrefixMatcher(mesh string) *envoy_type_matcher.StringMatcher

      func ServiceSpiffeIDMatcher

      func ServiceSpiffeIDMatcher(mesh string, service string) *envoy_type_matcher.StringMatcher

      func UpstreamTlsContextOutsideMesh

      func UpstreamTlsContextOutsideMesh(ca, cert, key []byte, hostname string) (*envoy_tls.UpstreamTlsContext, error)


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