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This directory contains source code for the image-guard admission controller.

Image-guard performs the following tasks:

  • Monitor and log used Docker images in the Pods.
  • Optionally, check and allow the usage of the listed registries only.


To deploy the application, you need the following:

  • Helm 3
  • Kubernetes cluster (at least 1.16 version)


To install image-guard, use the following command using your Kubernetes cluster context:

$ helm install image-guard ./image-guard

If you want to enable enforcing image registries, use the --set enforcedRegistry.enabled=true Helm flag and define the registries.


These are the flags you can use for this application:

--host -h [host]                The hostname for the service
--port -p [port]                The HTTPS port to listen on
--http-only                     The flag that enables listening on unencrypted HTTP only (for example: for proxied environments)
--key-path [path-to-file]       The path to the unencrypted TLS key
--cert-path [path-to-file]      The path to the PEM-encoded TLS certificate
--allowed-registry -r [string]  The name of the allowed registry


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