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var DefaultUtils = NewUtils(nil)

DefaultUtils default utils


func CheckMessageKeyword

func CheckMessageKeyword(message string, keyword string) (bool, string)

CheckMessageKeyword is Deprecated

func CheckMessageKeywords

func CheckMessageKeywords(message string, keywords ...string) (bool, string)


type BotEvent

type BotEvent struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewBotEvent

func NewBotEvent(sender MessageSender, domain, botID, botName, senderID, senderName, text, channelID, channelName, timestamp string) BotEvent

func NewTestEvent

func NewTestEvent(message string) BotEvent

func (*BotEvent) ArchivesURL

func (b *BotEvent) ArchivesURL() string

ArchivesURL return copy link archives url

func (*BotEvent) BaseText

func (b *BotEvent) BaseText() string

func (*BotEvent) BotCmdArgs

func (b *BotEvent) BotCmdArgs(message string) ([]string, bool)

func (*BotEvent) BotCmdMessage

func (b *BotEvent) BotCmdMessage(message string) (string, bool)

func (*BotEvent) BotID

func (b *BotEvent) BotID() string

func (*BotEvent) BotLinkID

func (b *BotEvent) BotLinkID() string

func (*BotEvent) BotLinkIDForClient

func (b *BotEvent) BotLinkIDForClient() string

func (*BotEvent) BotName

func (b *BotEvent) BotName() string

func (*BotEvent) Channel

func (b *BotEvent) Channel() string

Channel is Deprecated

func (*BotEvent) ChannelID

func (b *BotEvent) ChannelID() string

func (*BotEvent) ChannelName

func (b *BotEvent) ChannelName() string

func (*BotEvent) GetMessageSender

func (b *BotEvent) GetMessageSender() MessageSender

func (*BotEvent) Reply

func (b *BotEvent) Reply(message string)

func (*BotEvent) SendMessage

func (b *BotEvent) SendMessage(message string, channel string)

func (*BotEvent) SenderID

func (b *BotEvent) SenderID() string

func (*BotEvent) SenderName

func (b *BotEvent) SenderName() string

type BotID

type BotID string

func (BotID) Equal

func (b BotID) Equal(bot string) bool

func (BotID) LinkID

func (b BotID) LinkID() string

type BotMessagePlugin

type BotMessagePlugin interface {
	CheckMessage(event BotEvent, message string) (bool, string)
	DoAction(event BotEvent, message string) bool
	Help() string

type DebugMessageSender

type DebugMessageSender struct {

func (DebugMessageSender) SendMessage

func (b DebugMessageSender) SendMessage(message string, channel string)

type MessageSender

type MessageSender interface {
	SendMessage(message string, channel string)

type Plugin

type Plugin struct {
	Key interface{}

func (Plugin) Name

func (p Plugin) Name() string

type PluginManager

type PluginManager interface {
	AddPlugin(key interface{}, val BotMessagePlugin)
	ExecPlugins(botEvent BotEvent)
	IsReply() bool
	GetPlugins() []Plugin // deepCopy

func NewPluginManager

func NewPluginManager(sender MessageSender) PluginManager

type Utils

type Utils struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Utils util

func NewUtils

func NewUtils(replacer *strings.Replacer) *Utils

NewUtils return a utils

func (Utils) QuotationOrSpaceFields

func (u Utils) QuotationOrSpaceFields(s string) []string

QuotationOrSpaceFields シングルクォーテーションとダブルクォーテーションを考慮して文字列を空白区切りします

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