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Published: Jun 14, 2020 | License: GPL3 | Module:


func GetProviderSetting

func GetProviderSetting(providerCfg map[string]string, key string) (*string, error)

func Init

func Init(configFilePath string) error

func ShowUsing

func ShowUsing()

type Configuration

type Configuration struct {
	Pvr      map[string]*Pvr
	Provider map[string]map[string]string
var (
	// Config exports the config object
	Config *Configuration

func (Configuration) ToJsonString

func (cfg Configuration) ToJsonString() (string, error)

type ExprEnv

type ExprEnv struct {
	Now func() time.Time

func GetExprEnv

func GetExprEnv(media *MediaItem) *ExprEnv


type MediaItem

type MediaItem struct {
	Provider  string
	Endpoint  string
	TvdbId    string
	TmdbId    string
	ImdbId    string
	Slug      string
	Title     string
	Summary   string
	Country   []string
	Network   string
	Date      time.Time
	Year      int
	Runtime   int
	Status    string
	Genres    []string
	Languages []string
	Character string

func (*MediaItem) String

func (m *MediaItem) String() string

type Pvr

type Pvr struct {
	Type           string
	URL            string
	ApiKey         string `mapstructure:"api_key"`
	QualityProfile string `mapstructure:"quality_profile"`
	RootFolder     string `mapstructure:"root_folder"`
	Filters        PvrFilters

type PvrFilters

type PvrFilters struct {
	Ignores []string

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