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Published: Apr 18, 2014 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:



const DEFAULT_FORMAT = "\r%s   % 3d %%  %d kb %0.2f kb/s %v      "
const (
	VERSION = "0.4.0"

func ScpCli

func ScpCli(args []string) (error, int)

type ProgressBar

type ProgressBar struct {
	Out       io.Writer
	Format    string
	Subject   string
	StartTime time.Time
	Size      int64

func NewProgressBar

func NewProgressBar(subject string, size int64) ProgressBar

func NewProgressBarTo

func NewProgressBarTo(subject string, size int64, outPipe io.Writer) ProgressBar

func (ProgressBar) Update

func (pb ProgressBar) Update(tot int64)

type SecureCopier

type SecureCopier struct {
	Port              int
	IsRecursive       bool
	IsRemoteTo        bool
	IsRemoteFrom      bool
	IsQuiet           bool
	IsVerbose         bool
	IsCheckKnownHosts bool
	KeyFile           string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*SecureCopier) Exec

func (scp *SecureCopier) Exec(inPipe io.Reader, outPipe io.Writer, errPipe io.Writer) (error, int)

func (*SecureCopier) Name

func (scp *SecureCopier) Name() string

func (*SecureCopier) ParseFlags

func (scp *SecureCopier) ParseFlags(call []string, errPipe io.Writer) (error, int)

func Scp(call []string) error {

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