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func Publish added in v1.1.307

func Publish(topic string, event interface{})

Publish publishes any event

func SubscribeToStatusEvents

func SubscribeToStatusEvents() chan interface{}

SubscribeToStatusEvents creates a channel which will receive new `StatusEvent` types

func SubscribeToTopic added in v1.1.307

func SubscribeToTopic(topic string) chan interface{}

SubscribeToTopic creates a channel which will receive event in that topic WARNING: Subscribers MUST process events QUICKLY when received or the event sender will BLOCK this results in the UI locking up.

func Unsubscribe added in v1.1.170

func Unsubscribe(ch chan interface{})

Unsubscribe from events


type StatusEvent

type StatusEvent struct {
	Message string
	Timeout time.Duration

	InProgress bool
	IsToast    bool
	Failure    bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

StatusEvent is used to show status information in the statusbar

func SendFailureStatus added in v1.2.84840979

func SendFailureStatus(reason string) *StatusEvent

SendFailureStatus sends a status event representing the reason

func SendFailureStatusFromError added in v1.2.787

func SendFailureStatusFromError(reason string, err error) *StatusEvent

SendFailureStatusFromError sends a status event representing the error mesage and reason

func SendStatusEvent

func SendStatusEvent(s *StatusEvent) (*StatusEvent, func())

SendStatusEvent sends status events

func WaitForCompletedStatusEvent added in v1.1.394

func WaitForCompletedStatusEvent(t *testing.T, statusEvents chan interface{}, waitForSec int) *StatusEvent

WaitForCompletedStatusEvent waits for a completed event

func WaitForFailureStatusEvent added in v1.1.394

func WaitForFailureStatusEvent(t *testing.T, statusEvents chan interface{}, waitForSec int) *StatusEvent

WaitForFailureStatusEvent waits for failure event

func WaitForStatusEvent added in v1.1.394

func WaitForStatusEvent(t *testing.T, statusEvents chan interface{}, waitForSec int, expectError bool) *StatusEvent

WaitForStatusEvent lets you wait on a event

func (*StatusEvent) CreatedAt

func (s *StatusEvent) CreatedAt() time.Time

CreatedAt returns the time of the message creation

func (*StatusEvent) Done added in v1.2.771

func (s *StatusEvent) Done()

Done marks the status event as done

func (*StatusEvent) HasExpired

func (s *StatusEvent) HasExpired() bool

HasExpired returns true if the message has expired

func (*StatusEvent) ID

func (s *StatusEvent) ID() string

ID returns the status message ID

func (*StatusEvent) Icon added in v1.2.771

func (s *StatusEvent) Icon() string

Icon returns an icon representing the event

func (*StatusEvent) SetTimeout added in v1.2.771

func (s *StatusEvent) SetTimeout(t time.Duration)

SetTimeout sets the timeout for a message, starting from now

func (*StatusEvent) Update

func (s *StatusEvent) Update()

Update sends and update to the status event

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