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func GetDebuggingEnabled added in v1.1.363

func GetDebuggingEnabled() bool

GetDebuggingEnabled gets whether debugging is enabled

func SetDebuggingEnabled added in v1.1.363

func SetDebuggingEnabled(value bool)

SetDebuggingEnabled sets whether debugging is enabled


type CommandConfig added in v1.1.212

type CommandConfig struct {
	Executable string   `json:"executable,omitempty"` // The program to run
	Arguments  []string `json:"args,omitempty"`       // The arguments to pass to the executable (filename will automatically be appended)

CommandConfig respresents the options for launching a command

type Config

type Config struct {
	KeyBindings map[string]interface{} `json:"keyBindings,omitempty"`
	Editor      EditorConfig           `json:"editor,omitempty"`

Config represents the user configuration options

func Load

func Load() (Config, error)

Load the user configuration settings

type EditorConfig added in v1.1.212

type EditorConfig struct {
	Command                 CommandConfig `json:"command,omitempty"`                 // The command to execute to launch the editor
	TranslateFilePathForWSL bool          `json:"translateFilePathForWSL,omitEmpty"` //nolint:golint,staticcheck // WSL use only. True to translate the path to a Windows path (e.g. when running under WSL but using a Windows editor)
	TempDir                 string        `json:"tempDir,omitempty"`                 // Specify the directory to use for temporary files for editing (defaults to OS temp dir)
	RevertToStandardBuffer  bool          `json:"revertToStandardBuffer,omitempty"`  // Set to true to revert to standard buffer while editing (e.g. for terminal-based editors)

EditorConfig represents the user options for external editor

type Settings added in v1.1.485

type Settings struct {
	EnableTracing         bool
	HideGuids             bool
	NavigateToID          string
	FuzzerEnabled         bool
	FuzzerDurationMinutes int
	TenantID              string // the tenant ID to get an access token for from `az account get-access-token`
	ShouldRender          bool

Settings to enable different behavior on startup

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