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func GetAPIVersion

func GetAPIVersion(armType string) (string, error)

GetAPIVersion returns the most recent API version for a resource

func GetSubscriptionIDFromResourceID added in v1.2.132559162

func GetSubscriptionIDFromResourceID(resourceID string) string

GetSubscriptionIDFromResourceID returns the subscription ID from a resource ID Returns empty string on no match


type AzCLIToken added in v1.1.170

type AzCLIToken struct {
	AccessToken  string `json:"accessToken"`
	TokenType    string `json:"tokenType"`
	Tenant       string `json:"tenant"`
	Subscription string `json:"subscription"`

AzCLIToken contains token info from az cli

func AcquireTokenForResourceFromAzCLI added in v1.2.104948434

func AcquireTokenForResourceFromAzCLI(subscription string, resource string) (AzCLIToken, error)

AcquireTokenForResourceFromAzCLI gets a token for the specified resource endpoint

type Client added in v1.1.394

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client is used to talk to the ARM API's in Azure

var LegacyInstance *Client

LegacyInstance is a singleton ARMClient used while migrating to the injected client

func NewClientFromCLI added in v1.1.394

func NewClientFromCLI(tenantID string, responseProcessors ...ResponseProcessor) *Client

NewClientFromCLI creates a new client using the auth details on disk used by the azurecli

func NewClientFromConfig added in v1.2.84840979

func NewClientFromConfig(client *http.Client, tokenFunc TokenFunc, reqPerSecLimit float64, responseProcessors ...ResponseProcessor) *Client

NewClientFromConfig create a client for testing using custom token func and httpclient

func (*Client) DoRawRequest added in v1.2.771

func (c *Client) DoRawRequest(ctx context.Context, req *http.Request) (*http.Response, error)

DoRawRequest makes a raw request with ARM authentication headers set

func (*Client) DoRequest added in v1.1.394

func (c *Client) DoRequest(ctx context.Context, method, path string) (string, error)

DoRequest makes an ARM rest request

func (*Client) DoRequestAsync added in v1.1.394

func (c *Client) DoRequestAsync(ctx context.Context, method, path string) chan RequestResult

DoRequestAsync makes an ARM rest request

func (*Client) DoRequestWithBody added in v1.1.394

func (c *Client) DoRequestWithBody(ctx context.Context, method, path, body string) (string, error)

DoRequestWithBody makes an ARM rest request

func (*Client) DoResourceGraphQuery added in v1.1.394

func (c *Client) DoResourceGraphQuery(ctx context.Context, subscription, query string) (string, error)

DoResourceGraphQuery performs an azure graph query

func (*Client) GetTenantID added in v1.1.394

func (c *Client) GetTenantID() string

GetTenantID gets the current tenandid from AzCli

func (*Client) GetToken added in v1.1.394

func (c *Client) GetToken() (AzCLIToken, error)

GetToken gets the cached cli token

func (*Client) PopulateResourceAPILookup added in v1.1.394

func (c *Client) PopulateResourceAPILookup(ctx context.Context)

PopulateResourceAPILookup is used to build a cache of resourcetypes -> api versions this is needed when requesting details from a resource as APIVersion isn't known and is required

func (*Client) SetAquireToken added in v1.1.394

func (c *Client) SetAquireToken(aquireFunc func(clearCache bool) (AzCLIToken, error))

SetAquireToken lets you override the token func for testing or other purposes

func (*Client) SetClient added in v1.1.394

func (c *Client) SetClient(newClient *http.Client)

SetClient is used to override the HTTP Client used. This is useful when testing

type MetricNamespaceResponse added in v1.1.263

type MetricNamespaceResponse struct {
	Value []struct {
		ID             string `json:"id"`
		Name           string `json:"name"`
		Type           string `json:"type"`
		Classification string `json:"classification"`
		Properties     struct {
			MetricNamespaceName string `json:"metricNamespaceName"`
		} `json:"properties"`
	} `json:"value"`


type MetricResponse added in v1.1.263

type MetricResponse struct {
	Cost           int    `json:"cost"`
	Timespan       string `json:"timespan"`
	Interval       string `json:"interval"`
	Namespace      string `json:"namespace"`
	Resourceregion string `json:"resourceregion"`
	Value          []struct {
		ID   string `json:"id"`
		Type string `json:"type"`
		Name struct {
			Value          string `json:"value"`
			LocalizedValue string `json:"localizedValue"`
		} `json:"name"`
		Unit       string `json:"unit"`
		Timeseries []struct {
			Metadatavalues []struct {
				Name struct {
					Value          string `json:"value"`
					LocalizedValue string `json:"localizedValue"`
				} `json:"name"`
				Value string `json:"value"`
			} `json:"metadatavalues"`
			Data []map[string]interface{} `json:"data"`
		} `json:"timeseries"`
	} `json:"value"`


type MetricsListResponse added in v1.1.263

type MetricsListResponse struct {
	Value []struct {
		ID         string `json:"id"`
		ResourceID string `json:"resourceId"`
		Namespace  string `json:"namespace"`
		Name       struct {
			Value          string `json:"value"`
			LocalizedValue string `json:"localizedValue"`
		} `json:"name"`
		IsDimensionRequired       bool     `json:"isDimensionRequired"`
		Unit                      string   `json:"unit"`
		PrimaryAggregationType    string   `json:"primaryAggregationType"`
		SupportedAggregationTypes []string `json:"supportedAggregationTypes"`
		MetricAvailabilities      []struct {
			TimeGrain string `json:"timeGrain"`
			Retention string `json:"retention"`
		} `json:"metricAvailabilities"`
		Dimensions []struct {
			Value          string `json:"value"`
			LocalizedValue string `json:"localizedValue"`
		} `json:"dimensions"`
	} `json:"value"`


type ProvidersResponse

type ProvidersResponse struct {
	Providers []struct {
		ID            string `json:"id"`
		Namespace     string `json:"namespace"`
		Authorization struct {
			ApplicationID    string `json:"applicationId"`
			RoleDefinitionID string `json:"roleDefinitionId"`
		} `json:"authorization,omitempty"`
		ResourceTypes []struct {
			ResourceType string        `json:"resourceType"`
			Locations    []interface{} `json:"locations"`
			APIVersions  []string      `json:"apiVersions"`
		} `json:"resourceTypes"`
		RegistrationState string `json:"registrationState"`
		Authorizations    []struct {
			ApplicationID    string `json:"applicationId"`
			RoleDefinitionID string `json:"roleDefinitionId"`
		} `json:"authorizations,omitempty"`
	} `json:"value"`

ProvidersResponse providers list rest type

type RequestResult

type RequestResult struct {
	Result string
	Error  error

RequestResult used with async channel

type Resource

type Resource struct {
	ID   string `json:"id"`
	Name string `json:"name"`
	Type string `json:"type"`
	Sku  struct {
		Name string `json:"name"`
		Tier string `json:"tier"`
	} `json:"sku"`
	Kind       string `json:"kind"`
	Location   string `json:"location"`
	Properties struct {
		ProvisioningState string `json:"provisioningState"`
	} `json:"properties"`

Resource is a resource in azure

type ResourceResponse

type ResourceResponse struct {
	Resources []Resource `json:"value"`

ResourceResponse Resources list rest type

type ResponseProcessor added in v1.2.771

type ResponseProcessor func(requestPath string, response *http.Response, responseBody string)

ResponseProcessor can be used to handle additional actions once a response is received

type TokenFunc added in v1.1.394

type TokenFunc func(clearCache bool) (AzCLIToken, error)

TokenFunc is the interface to meet for functions which retrieve tokens for the ARMClient

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