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type AdditionalPath added in v1.1.384

type AdditionalPath struct {
	// Name is the name to use for the generated path
	Name string
	// Path is the path to inject in the hierarchy
	Path string
	// GetPath allows the actual path used at runtime to be overridden
	GetPath string
	// DeletePath allows a delete url to be specified
	DeletePath string
	// FixedContent provides static content to render in place of making an API call
	FixedContent string
	// SubPathRegesx holds regex info for modifying subpath URLs
	SubPathRegex *RegexReplace

AdditionalPath provides metadata for additional paths to inject into the generated hierarchy

type Config

type Config struct {
	// Overrides is keyed on url
	Overrides map[string]PathOverride
	// AdditionalPaths contains extra paths to include in the generated hierarchy
	AdditionalPaths []AdditionalPath
	// SuppressAPIVersion true to prevent the api version querystring
	SuppressAPIVersion bool

Config handles configuration of url handling

type Path

type Path struct {
	Name                  string
	CondensedEndpointPath string
	FixedContent          string
	Endpoint              *endpoints.EndpointInfo // The logical endpoint. May be overridden for an operation
	Operations            PathOperations
	Children              []*Path
	SubPaths              []*Path
	SubPathRegex          *RegexReplace

Path represents a path that we want to consider emitting in code-gen. It is derived from

func GetPathsFromSwagger added in v1.1.524

func GetPathsFromSwagger(doc *loads.Document, config *Config, pathPrefix string) ([]Path, error)

GetPathsFromSwagger returns the mapped Paths from the document

func MergeSwaggerDoc

func MergeSwaggerDoc(currentPaths []*Path, config *Config, doc *loads.Document, validateCapturedSegments bool, pathPrefix string) ([]*Path, error)

MergeSwaggerDoc merges api endpoints from the specified swagger doc into the Paths array

func MergeSwaggerPaths added in v1.1.524

func MergeSwaggerPaths(currentPaths []*Path, config *Config, newPaths []Path, validateCapturedSegments bool, pathPrefix string) ([]*Path, error)

MergeSwaggerPaths merges api endpoints into the currentPaths array

type PathOperation

type PathOperation struct {
	Permitted bool                    // true if the operation is permitted for the path
	Verb      string                  // Empty unless the Verb is overridden for the operation
	Endpoint  *endpoints.EndpointInfo // nil unless the endpoint is overridden for the operation

PathOperation represents an operation on the path (GET, PUT, ...)

type PathOperations

type PathOperations struct {
	Get    PathOperation
	Delete PathOperation
	Patch  PathOperation
	Post   PathOperation
	Put    PathOperation

PathOperations gives details on the operations for a resource

type PathOverride

type PathOverride struct {
	Path        string // actual url to use
	GetVerb     string // Verb to use for logical GET requests
	RewritePath bool   // rewrite the path in generated code. Only advised to address case issues or inconsistent match segment names
	PutPath     string // Force the PUT endpoint to be output or override it
	DeletePath  string // Force the PUT endpoint to be output or override it

PathOverride captures Path and/or Verb overrides

type RegexReplace added in v1.1.384

type RegexReplace struct {
	Match   string
	Replace string

RegexReplace holds match and replacement info

type ResourceType

type ResourceType struct {
	Display        string
	Endpoint       *endpoints.EndpointInfo
	Verb           string
	DeleteEndpoint *endpoints.EndpointInfo
	PatchEndpoint  *endpoints.EndpointInfo
	PutEndpoint    *endpoints.EndpointInfo
	Children       []ResourceType // Children are auto-loaded (must be able to build the URL => no additional template URL values)
	SubResources   []ResourceType // SubResources are not auto-loaded (these come from the request to the endpoint)
	FixedContent   string
	SubPathRegex   *RegexReplace
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ResourceType holds information about resources that can be displayed

func ConvertToSwaggerResourceTypes

func ConvertToSwaggerResourceTypes(paths []*Path) []ResourceType

ConvertToSwaggerResourceTypes converts the Path array to an array of SwaggerResourceTypes for use with the Swagger expander

func GetResourceTypeForURL added in v1.1.384

func GetResourceTypeForURL(ctx context.Context, url string, resourceTypes []ResourceType) *ResourceType

GetResourceTypeForURL Gets the resource type matching the url

func (ResourceType) GetSubResourceTypeForURL added in v1.1.384

func (r ResourceType) GetSubResourceTypeForURL(ctx context.Context, url string) *ResourceType

GetSubResourceTypeForURL gets the SubResource matching the URL

func (ResourceType) PerformSubPathReplace added in v1.1.384

func (r ResourceType) PerformSubPathReplace(url string) (string, error)

PerformSubPathReplace performs any configured SubPathRegex replacement

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