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Published: May 29, 2018 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 45 Imported by: 0




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const (
	Bold      = 1
	FgBlack   = 30
	FgRed     = 31
	FgGreen   = 32
	FgYellow  = 33
	FgBlue    = 34
	FgMagenta = 35
	FgCyan    = 36
	FgWhite   = 37
	FgDefault = 39

ANSI escape codes

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const (
	// Argo controller resource constants
	ArgoControllerServiceAccount     = "argo"
	ArgoControllerClusterRole        = "argo-cluster-role"
	ArgoControllerClusterRoleBinding = "argo-binding"

	// Argo UI resource constants
	ArgoUIServiceAccount     = "argo-ui"
	ArgoUIClusterRole        = "argo-ui-cluster-role"
	ArgoUIClusterRoleBinding = "argo-ui-binding"
	ArgoUIDeploymentName     = "argo-ui"
	ArgoUIServiceName        = "argo-ui"
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const (
	// CLIName is the name of the CLI
	CLIName = "argo"


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var (
	ArgoControllerPolicyRules = []rbacv1.PolicyRule{
			APIGroups: []string{""},

			Resources: []string{"pods", "pods/exec"},
			Verbs:     []string{"create", "get", "list", "watch", "update", "patch"},
			APIGroups: []string{""},
			Resources: []string{"configmaps"},
			Verbs:     []string{"get", "watch", "list"},
			APIGroups: []string{""},
			Resources: []string{"persistentvolumeclaims"},
			Verbs:     []string{"create", "delete"},
			APIGroups: []string{""},
			Resources: []string{"workflows"},
			Verbs:     []string{"get", "list", "watch", "update", "patch"},

	ArgoUIPolicyRules = []rbacv1.PolicyRule{
			APIGroups: []string{""},
			Resources: []string{"pods", "pods/exec", "pods/log"},
			Verbs:     []string{"get", "list", "watch"},
			APIGroups: []string{""},
			Resources: []string{"secrets"},
			Verbs:     []string{"get"},
			APIGroups: []string{""},
			Resources: []string{"workflows"},
			Verbs:     []string{"get", "list", "watch"},
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var (

	// These are the default image names which `argo install` uses during install
	DefaultControllerImage = imageNamespace + "/workflow-controller:" + imageTag
	DefaultExecutorImage   = imageNamespace + "/argoexec:" + imageTag
	DefaultUiImage         = imageNamespace + "/argoui:" + imageTag


func InitWorkflowClient

func InitWorkflowClient(ns ...string) v1alpha1.WorkflowInterface

InitWorkflowClient creates a new client for the Kubernetes Workflow CRD.

func InstallNamespace

func InstallNamespace() string

InstallNamespace returns either the namespace specified via the --namespace flag or the default argo installation namespace (kube-system)

func NewCommand

func NewCommand() *cobra.Command

NewCommand returns a new instance of an argocd command

func NewCompletionCommand

func NewCompletionCommand() *cobra.Command

func NewDeleteCommand

func NewDeleteCommand() *cobra.Command

NewDeleteCommand returns a new instance of an `argocd repo` command

func NewGetCommand

func NewGetCommand() *cobra.Command

func NewInstallCommand

func NewInstallCommand() *cobra.Command

func NewLintCommand

func NewLintCommand() *cobra.Command

func NewListCommand

func NewListCommand() *cobra.Command

func NewLogsCommand

func NewLogsCommand() *cobra.Command

func NewResubmitCommand

func NewResubmitCommand() *cobra.Command

func NewResumeCommand

func NewResumeCommand() *cobra.Command

func NewRetryCommand

func NewRetryCommand() *cobra.Command

func NewSubmitCommand

func NewSubmitCommand() *cobra.Command

func NewSuspendCommand

func NewSuspendCommand() *cobra.Command

func NewUninstallCommand

func NewUninstallCommand() *cobra.Command

func NewWaitCommand

func NewWaitCommand() *cobra.Command

func SubmitWorkflows

func SubmitWorkflows(filePaths []string, submitArgs *submitFlags)


type ByFinishedAt

type ByFinishedAt []wfv1.Workflow

ByFinishedAt is a sort interface which sorts running jobs earlier before considering FinishedAt

func (ByFinishedAt) Len

func (f ByFinishedAt) Len() int

func (ByFinishedAt) Less

func (f ByFinishedAt) Less(i, j int) bool

func (ByFinishedAt) Swap

func (f ByFinishedAt) Swap(i, j int)

type VersionChecker

type VersionChecker struct{}

VersionChecker checks the Kubernetes version and currently logs a message if wait should be implemented using watch instead of polling.

type WorkflowStatusPoller

type WorkflowStatusPoller struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

WorkflowStatusPoller exports methods to wait on workflows by periodically querying their status.

func NewWorkflowStatusPoller

func NewWorkflowStatusPoller(wfc v1alpha1.WorkflowInterface, ignoreNotFound bool, noOutput bool) *WorkflowStatusPoller

NewWorkflowStatusPoller creates a new WorkflowStatusPoller object.

func (*WorkflowStatusPoller) WaitWorkflows

func (wsp *WorkflowStatusPoller) WaitWorkflows(workflowNames []string)

WaitWorkflows waits for the given workflowNames.

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