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var AutoUpdateCommand = ""

AutoUpdateCommand is the path of the shell script to run in the environment chainquery is installed on. It should stop the service, download and replace the new binary from https://github.com/lbryio/chainquery/releases, start the service.


func AddressSummaryAction

func AddressSummaryAction(r *http.Request) api.Response

AddressSummaryAction returns address details: received, spent, balance

func AutoUpdateAction

func AutoUpdateAction(r *http.Request) api.Response

AutoUpdateAction takes a travis webhook for a successful deployment and runs an environment script to self update.

func ChainQueryStatusAction

func ChainQueryStatusAction(r *http.Request) api.Response

ChainQueryStatusAction returns status information of the chainquery application. Currently, tables' name and size.

func IndexAction

func IndexAction(r *http.Request) api.Response

IndexAction returns Hello World!

func ProcessBlocks added in v1.4.0

func ProcessBlocks(r *http.Request) api.Response

ProcessBlocks processed a specific block or range of blocks if authorized.

func SQLQueryAction

func SQLQueryAction(r *http.Request) api.Response

SQLQueryAction returns an array of structured data matching the queried results.

func SyncAddressBalance added in v1.4.0

func SyncAddressBalance(r *http.Request) api.Response

SyncAddressBalance will synchronize the balances for all addresses in chainquery.

func SyncName added in v1.6.2

func SyncName(r *http.Request) api.Response

SyncName syncs the claims for a give name with the lbrycrd claimtrie ( effective amount, valid at height, and bidstate).

func SyncTransactionValue added in v1.4.0

func SyncTransactionValue(r *http.Request) api.Response

SyncTransactionValue will synchronize the value of all transactions in chainquery.

func ValidateChainData added in v1.4.0

func ValidateChainData(r *http.Request) api.Response

ValidateChainData validates a range of blocks ensure that the block,Txs, and the same number of outputs,inputs exist. If a difference in data is identified it will return an array identifying where there are differences.


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