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type Service

type Service struct{}

Service is the service struct defined for the comment package for rpc service "comment.*"

func (*Service) Abandon

func (c *Service) Abandon(_ *http.Request, args *commentapi.AbandonArgs, reply *commentapi.AbandonResponse) error

Abandon deletes a comment

func (*Service) ByID

func (c *Service) ByID(r *http.Request, args *commentapi.ByIDArgs, reply *commentapi.ByIDResponse) error

ByID returns the comment from the comment id passed in

func (*Service) Create

func (c *Service) Create(r *http.Request, args *commentapi.CreateArgs, reply *commentapi.CreateResponse) error

Create creates a comment

func (*Service) Edit

func (c *Service) Edit(_ *http.Request, args *commentapi.EditArgs, reply *commentapi.EditResponse) error

Edit edits a comment

func (*Service) GetChannelFromCommentID

func (c *Service) GetChannelFromCommentID(_ *http.Request, args *commentapi.ChannelArgs, reply *commentapi.ChannelResponse) error

GetChannelFromCommentID gets the channel info for a specific comment, this is really only used by the sdk

func (*Service) List

func (c *Service) List(r *http.Request, args *commentapi.ListArgs, reply *commentapi.ListResponse) error

List lists comments based on filters and arguments passed. The returned result is dynamic based on the args passed

func (*Service) Pin

func (c *Service) Pin(r *http.Request, args *commentapi.PinArgs, reply *commentapi.PinResponse) error

Pin sets the pinned flag on a comment

func (*Service) SuperChatList

func (c *Service) SuperChatList(r *http.Request, args *commentapi.SuperListArgs, reply *commentapi.SuperListResponse) error

SuperChatList returns comments that are super chat only.

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