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var (
	ErrNoPrimaryKeyDefined = errors.New("Cannot call this, because there is no primary key defined for the model.")
	ErrNotSupportedCall    = errors.New("Such api cannot be called on this query, e.g. SelectOne on an InsertQuery.")
	ErrNotEnoughColumns    = errors.New("Not enough columns data for Insert/Update.")
	ErrMultipleRowReturned = errors.New("Multiple row returned, but suppose there is only one row.")
	ErrNotDbTxObject       = errors.New("This is not a valid database/sql.Db or sql.Tx")
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var Debug bool
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var (
	ErrOptionIsNone = errors.New("Option is not valid.")


func AsBool

func AsBool(rb sql.RawBytes) bool

func AsFloat64

func AsFloat64(rb sql.RawBytes) float64

func AsInt

func AsInt(rb sql.RawBytes) int

func AsInt64

func AsInt64(rb sql.RawBytes) int64

func AsString

func AsString(rb sql.RawBytes) string

func AsTime

func AsTime(rb sql.RawBytes) time.Time

func WithinTx

func WithinTx(db *Db, functor WithinTxFunctor) error


type Column

type Column struct {
	Name  string
	Value interface{}

type Db

type Db struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewDb

func NewDb(db *sql.DB, driverName string) *Db

func Open

func Open(driverName, dataSourceName string) (*Db, error)

func (*Db) Beginx

func (db *Db) Beginx() (*Tx, error)

func (*Db) DriverName

func (db *Db) DriverName() string

type DbTx

type DbTx interface {
	DriverName() string
	Exec(query string, args ...interface{}) (sql.Result, error)
	Prepare(query string) (*sql.Stmt, error)
	Query(query string, args ...interface{}) (*sql.Rows, error)

type Filter

type Filter interface {
	SqlString(alias string, driverName string) string
	Params() []interface{}
	And(Filter) Filter
	Or(Filter) Filter

func AndFilter

func AndFilter(left, right Filter, others ...Filter) Filter

func InFilter

func InFilter(name string, params []interface{}) Filter

func OrFilter

func OrFilter(left, right Filter, others ...Filter) Filter

func UnitFilter

func UnitFilter(name, op string, param interface{}) Filter

type Option

type Option interface {
	IsDefined() bool

type OptionFloat64

type OptionFloat64 interface {
	Get() (float64, error)

func NoneFloat64

func NoneFloat64() OptionFloat64

func SomeFloat64

func SomeFloat64(n float64) OptionFloat64

type OptionInt

type OptionInt interface {
	Get() (int, error)

func NoneInt

func NoneInt() OptionInt

func SomeInt

func SomeInt(n int) OptionInt

type OptionInt64

type OptionInt64 interface {
	Get() (int64, error)

func NoneInt64

func NoneInt64() OptionInt64

func SomeInt64

func SomeInt64(n int64) OptionInt64

type OptionString

type OptionString interface {
	Get() (string, error)

func NoneString

func NoneString() OptionString

func SomeString

func SomeString(n string) OptionString

type OptionTime

type OptionTime interface {
	Get() (time.Time, error)

func NoneTime

func NoneTime() OptionTime

func SomeTime

func SomeTime(n time.Time) OptionTime

type Query

type Query interface {
	String() string
	Exec(dbtx DbTx) (sql.Result, error)
	SelectOne(dbtx DbTx, functor QueryRowVisitor) error
	SelectList(dbtx DbTx, functor QueryRowVisitor) error
	Where(f Filter) Query
	OrderBy(by ...string) Query
	Limit(offsets ...int64) Query
	Page(number, size int) Query
	GroupBy(by ...string) Query

func Delete

func Delete(model TableModel) Query

func Insert

func Insert(model TableModel, columns []Column) Query

func Select

func Select(model TableModel, columns []Column) Query

func Update

func Update(model TableModel, columns []Column) Query

type QueryRowVisitor

type QueryRowVisitor func(columns []Column, rb []sql.RawBytes) bool

type TableModel

type TableModel interface {
	Names() (schema, tbl, alias string)

type Tx

type Tx struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Tx) DriverName

func (tx *Tx) DriverName() string

type WithinTxFunctor

type WithinTxFunctor func(tx *Tx) error

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