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Published: Nov 13, 2017 License: Apache-2.0, BSD-3-Clause Imports: 4 Imported by: 0



Package charmap provides simple character encodings such as IBM Code Page 437 and Windows 1252.



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var (
	// ISO8859_6E is the ISO 8859-6E encoding.
	ISO8859_6E encoding.Encoding = &iso8859_6E

	// ISO8859_6I is the ISO 8859-6I encoding.
	ISO8859_6I encoding.Encoding = &iso8859_6I

	// ISO8859_8E is the ISO 8859-8E encoding.
	ISO8859_8E encoding.Encoding = &iso8859_8E

	// ISO8859_8I is the ISO 8859-8I encoding.
	ISO8859_8I encoding.Encoding = &iso8859_8I

These encodings vary only in the way clients should interpret them. Their coded character set is identical and a single implementation can be shared.

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var All []encoding.Encoding = listAll

All is a list of all defined encodings in this package.


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type Charmap

type Charmap struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Charmap is an 8-bit character set encoding.

var CodePage037 *Charmap = &codePage037

CodePage037 is the IBM Code Page 037 encoding.

var CodePage1047 *Charmap = &codePage1047

CodePage1047 is the IBM Code Page 1047 encoding.

var CodePage1140 *Charmap = &codePage1140

CodePage1140 is the IBM Code Page 1140 encoding.

var CodePage437 *Charmap = &codePage437

CodePage437 is the IBM Code Page 437 encoding.

var CodePage850 *Charmap = &codePage850

CodePage850 is the IBM Code Page 850 encoding.

var CodePage852 *Charmap = &codePage852

CodePage852 is the IBM Code Page 852 encoding.

var CodePage855 *Charmap = &codePage855

CodePage855 is the IBM Code Page 855 encoding.

var CodePage858 *Charmap = &codePage858

CodePage858 is the Windows Code Page 858 encoding.

var CodePage860 *Charmap = &codePage860

CodePage860 is the IBM Code Page 860 encoding.

var CodePage862 *Charmap = &codePage862

CodePage862 is the IBM Code Page 862 encoding.

var CodePage863 *Charmap = &codePage863

CodePage863 is the IBM Code Page 863 encoding.

var CodePage865 *Charmap = &codePage865

CodePage865 is the IBM Code Page 865 encoding.

var CodePage866 *Charmap = &codePage866

CodePage866 is the IBM Code Page 866 encoding.

var ISO8859_1 *Charmap = &iso8859_1

ISO8859_1 is the ISO 8859-1 encoding.

var ISO8859_10 *Charmap = &iso8859_10

ISO8859_10 is the ISO 8859-10 encoding.

var ISO8859_13 *Charmap = &iso8859_13

ISO8859_13 is the ISO 8859-13 encoding.

var ISO8859_14 *Charmap = &iso8859_14

ISO8859_14 is the ISO 8859-14 encoding.

var ISO8859_15 *Charmap = &iso8859_15

ISO8859_15 is the ISO 8859-15 encoding.

var ISO8859_16 *Charmap = &iso8859_16

ISO8859_16 is the ISO 8859-16 encoding.

var ISO8859_2 *Charmap = &iso8859_2

ISO8859_2 is the ISO 8859-2 encoding.

var ISO8859_3 *Charmap = &iso8859_3

ISO8859_3 is the ISO 8859-3 encoding.

var ISO8859_4 *Charmap = &iso8859_4

ISO8859_4 is the ISO 8859-4 encoding.

var ISO8859_5 *Charmap = &iso8859_5

ISO8859_5 is the ISO 8859-5 encoding.

var ISO8859_6 *Charmap = &iso8859_6

ISO8859_6 is the ISO 8859-6 encoding.

var ISO8859_7 *Charmap = &iso8859_7

ISO8859_7 is the ISO 8859-7 encoding.

var ISO8859_8 *Charmap = &iso8859_8

ISO8859_8 is the ISO 8859-8 encoding.

var ISO8859_9 *Charmap = &iso8859_9

ISO8859_9 is the ISO 8859-9 encoding.

var KOI8R *Charmap = &koi8R

KOI8R is the KOI8-R encoding.

var KOI8U *Charmap = &koi8U

KOI8U is the KOI8-U encoding.

var Macintosh *Charmap = &macintosh

Macintosh is the Macintosh encoding.

var MacintoshCyrillic *Charmap = &macintoshCyrillic

MacintoshCyrillic is the Macintosh Cyrillic encoding.

var Windows1250 *Charmap = &windows1250

Windows1250 is the Windows 1250 encoding.

var Windows1251 *Charmap = &windows1251

Windows1251 is the Windows 1251 encoding.

var Windows1252 *Charmap = &windows1252

Windows1252 is the Windows 1252 encoding.

var Windows1253 *Charmap = &windows1253

Windows1253 is the Windows 1253 encoding.

var Windows1254 *Charmap = &windows1254

Windows1254 is the Windows 1254 encoding.

var Windows1255 *Charmap = &windows1255

Windows1255 is the Windows 1255 encoding.

var Windows1256 *Charmap = &windows1256

Windows1256 is the Windows 1256 encoding.

var Windows1257 *Charmap = &windows1257

Windows1257 is the Windows 1257 encoding.

var Windows1258 *Charmap = &windows1258

Windows1258 is the Windows 1258 encoding.

var Windows874 *Charmap = &windows874

Windows874 is the Windows 874 encoding.

var XUserDefined *Charmap = &xUserDefined

XUserDefined is the X-User-Defined encoding.

It is defined at

func (*Charmap) DecodeByte

func (m *Charmap) DecodeByte(b byte) rune

DecodeByte returns the Charmap's rune decoding of the byte b.

func (*Charmap) EncodeRune

func (m *Charmap) EncodeRune(r rune) (b byte, ok bool)

EncodeRune returns the Charmap's byte encoding of the rune r. ok is whether r is in the Charmap's repertoire. If not, b is set to the Charmap's replacement byte. This is often the ASCII substitute character '\x1a'.

func (*Charmap) ID

func (m *Charmap) ID() (mib identifier.MIB, other string)

ID implements an internal interface.

func (*Charmap) NewDecoder

func (m *Charmap) NewDecoder() *encoding.Decoder

NewDecoder implements the encoding.Encoding interface.

func (*Charmap) NewEncoder

func (m *Charmap) NewEncoder() *encoding.Encoder

NewEncoder implements the encoding.Encoding interface.

func (*Charmap) String

func (m *Charmap) String() string

String returns the Charmap's name.

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