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Published: Apr 8, 2021 License: Apache-2.0, Apache-2.0 Imports: 4 Imported by: 0




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const (
	VERSION = "5.0.0"

changelog: 3.1.3: code refactor 3.1.4: bugfix ignore configuration 3.1.5: more sw support, DisplayByBit cfg 3.1.6 3.2.0: more sw support, fix ping bug, add ifOperStatus,ifBroadcastPkt,ifMulticastPkt 3.2.1 add Discards,Error,UnknownProtos,QLen,fix some bugs debugmetric support multi endpoints and metrics gosnmp use getnext to walk snmp 4.0.0 caculate counter type on swcollect local,add speedpercent 4.0.1 fix sometimes ifstat pannic 4.0.2 fix speedpercent bug 4.0.4 add lock on map;add limconn for switch snmp request 4.0.5 add custom metric,custom host fix channal closed bug fix Vendor bug;add remote config api fix bugs -------------- 5.0.0 first ported version, complete rewrite


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func FillDefault

func FillDefault(v interface{})

func ParseConfig

func ParseConfig(cfg []byte)


type CustomMetric

type CustomMetric struct {
	IpRange []string          `json:"ipRange"`
	Metric  string            `json:"metric"`
	Tags    map[string]string `json:"tags"`
	Oid     string            `json:"oid"`

type GlobalConfig

type GlobalConfig struct {
	Interval int64  `json:"interval" default:30`
	LogFile  string `json:"logFile"`

	IpRange       []string `json:"ipRange"`
	Gosnmp        bool     `json:"gosnmp" default:"true"`
	PingTimeout   int      `json:"pingTimeout" default:"300"`
	PingRetry     int      `json:"pingRetry" default:"4"`
	SnmpCommunity string   `json:"snmpCommunity" default:"\"public\""`
	SnmpTimeout   int      `json:"snmpTimeout" default:"1000"`
	SnmpRetry     int      `json:"snmpRetry" default:"5"`
	IgnoreIface   []string `json:"ignoreIface" default:"[\"Nu\", \"NU\", \"Vlan\", \"Vl\"]"`
	Ignore        []string `json:"ignore"`
	FastPingMode  bool     `json:"fastPingMode"`

	ConcurrentQueriesPerHost int `json:"concurrentQueriesPerHost" default:"4"`
	ConcurrentCollectors     int `json:"concurrentCollectors" default:"1000"`

	CustomMetrics []CustomMetric    `json:"customMetrics"`
	ReverseLookup bool              `json:"reverseLookup" default:"false"`
	CustomHosts   map[string]string `json:"customHosts"`

func Config

func Config() *GlobalConfig

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