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func NewExecutableSchema

func NewExecutableSchema(cfg Config) graphql.ExecutableSchema

NewExecutableSchema creates an ExecutableSchema from the ResolverRoot interface.

func UnmarshalSearchArgs

func UnmarshalSearchArgs(v interface{}) (model.SearchArgs, error)


type ComplexityRoot added in v0.5.0

type ComplexityRoot struct {
	Address struct {
		Id       func(childComplexity int) int
		Location func(childComplexity int) int

	Query struct {
		User   func(childComplexity int, id external.ObjectID) int
		Search func(childComplexity int, input *model.SearchArgs) int

	User struct {
		Id                func(childComplexity int) int
		Name              func(childComplexity int) int
		Created           func(childComplexity int) int
		IsBanned          func(childComplexity int) int
		PrimitiveResolver func(childComplexity int) int
		CustomResolver    func(childComplexity int) int
		Address           func(childComplexity int) int
		Tier              func(childComplexity int) int

type Config

type Config struct {
	Resolvers  ResolverRoot
	Directives DirectiveRoot
	Complexity ComplexityRoot

type DirectiveRoot

type DirectiveRoot struct {

type QueryResolver

type QueryResolver interface {
	User(ctx context.Context, id external.ObjectID) (*model.User, error)
	Search(ctx context.Context, input *model.SearchArgs) ([]model.User, error)

type Resolver

type Resolver struct {

func (*Resolver) Query

func (r *Resolver) Query() QueryResolver

func (*Resolver) User

func (r *Resolver) User() UserResolver

type ResolverRoot

type ResolverRoot interface {
	Query() QueryResolver
	User() UserResolver

type UserResolver

type UserResolver interface {
	PrimitiveResolver(ctx context.Context, obj *model.User) (string, error)
	CustomResolver(ctx context.Context, obj *model.User) (model.Point, error)


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