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const InvalidQueryRulesVersion int64 = -1

Invalid rule version, used to mark invalid query rules

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const ZkCustomRuleSource string = "ZK_CUSTOM_RULE"

Zookeeper based custom rule source name


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func ActivateZkCustomRules

func ActivateZkCustomRules(qsc tabletserver.Controller)

ActivateZkCustomRules activates zookeeper dynamic custom rule mechanism


type ZkCustomRule

type ZkCustomRule struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ZkCustomRule is Zookeeper backed implementation of CustomRuleManager

func NewZkCustomRule

func NewZkCustomRule(zkconn zk.Conn) *ZkCustomRule

NewZkCustomRule Creates new ZkCustomRule structure

func (*ZkCustomRule) Close

func (zkcr *ZkCustomRule) Close()

Close signals an termination to polling go routine and closes Zookeeper connection object

func (*ZkCustomRule) GetRules

func (zkcr *ZkCustomRule) GetRules() (qrs *tabletserver.QueryRules, version int64, err error)

GetRules retrives cached rules

func (*ZkCustomRule) Open

func (zkcr *ZkCustomRule) Open(qsc tabletserver.Controller, rulePath string) (err error)

Open Registers Zookeeper watch, gets inital QueryRules and starts polling routine

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