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Package training

v0.0.0 (16d7c81)
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Published: Oct 9, 2019 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


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const (
	GetModelTrainingURL     = "/model/training/:id"
	GetAllModelTrainingURL  = "/model/training"
	GetModelTrainingLogsURL = "/model/training/:id/log"
	CreateModelTrainingURL  = "/model/training"
	UpdateModelTrainingURL  = "/model/training"
	DeleteModelTrainingURL  = "/model/training/:id"
	IDMtURLParam            = "id"
	FollowURLParam          = "follow"
const (
	EmptyModelNameErrorMessage    = "model name must be no empty"
	EmptyModelVersionErrorMessage = "model version must be no empty"
	EmptyVcsNameMessageError      = "VCS name is empty"
	ValidationMtErrorMessage      = "Validation of model training is failed"
	WrongVcsTypeErrorMessage      = "VCS connection must have the GIT type. You pass the connection of %s type"
	WrongVcsReferenceErrorMessage = "you should specify a VCS reference for model training explicitly." +
		" Because %s does not have default reference"
	EmptyDataBindingNameErrorMessage = "you should specify connection name for %d number of data binding"
	EmptyDataBindingPathErrorMessage = "you should specify local path for %d number of data binding"
	WrongDataBindingTypeErrorMessage = "%s data binding has wrong data type. Currently supported the following types" +
		" of connections for data bindings: %v"
	ToolchainEmptyErrorMessage = "toolchain parameter is empty"
const (
	GetToolchainIntegrationURL    = "/toolchain/integration/:id"
	GetAllToolchainIntegrationURL = "/toolchain/integration"
	CreateToolchainIntegrationURL = "/toolchain/integration"
	UpdateToolchainIntegrationURL = "/toolchain/integration"
	DeleteToolchainIntegrationURL = "/toolchain/integration/:id"
	IDTiURLParam                  = "id"
const (
	ValidationTiErrorMessage      = "Validation of toolchain integration is failed"
	EmptyEntrypointErrorMessage   = "entrypoint must be no empty"
	EmptyDefaultImageErrorMessage = "defaultImage must be no empty"


var (
	DefaultArtifactOutputTemplate = "{{ .Name }}-{{ .Version }}-{{ .RandomUUID }}.zip"

	DefaultTrainingResources = v1alpha1.ResourceRequirements{
		Limits: &v1alpha1.ResourceList{
			CPU:    &defaultCPULimit,
			Memory: &defaultMemoryLimit,
		Requests: &v1alpha1.ResourceList{
			CPU:    &defaultCPURequests,
			Memory: &defaultMemoryRequests,
	DefaultExperimentValue = "experiment"

func ConfigureRoutes

func ConfigureRoutes(routeGroup *gin.RouterGroup, mtRepository mt_repository.Repository,
	connRepository conn_repository.Repository)

type ModelTrainingController

type ModelTrainingController struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type MtValidator

type MtValidator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewMtValidator

func NewMtValidator(mtRepository mt_repository.Repository, connRepository conn_repository.Repository) *MtValidator

func (*MtValidator) ValidatesAndSetDefaults

func (mtv *MtValidator) ValidatesAndSetDefaults(mt *training.ModelTraining) (err error)

type TiValidator

type TiValidator struct {

func NewTiValidator

func NewTiValidator() *TiValidator

func (*TiValidator) ValidatesAndSetDefaults

func (tiv *TiValidator) ValidatesAndSetDefaults(ti *training.ToolchainIntegration) (err error)

type ToolchainIntegrationController

type ToolchainIntegrationController struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields
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