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var Strategy = templateStrategy{kapi.Scheme, kapi.SimpleNameGenerator}

Strategy is the default logic that applies when creating and updating Template objects via the REST API.


func Matcher added in v1.0.8

func Matcher(label labels.Selector, field fields.Selector) generic.Matcher

Matcher returns a generic matcher for a given label and field selector.


type REST

type REST struct {

REST implements RESTStorage interface for processing Template objects.

func NewREST

func NewREST() *REST

NewREST creates new RESTStorage interface for processing Template objects. If legacyReturn is used, a Config object is returned. Otherwise, a List is returned

func (*REST) Create

func (s *REST) Create(ctx kapi.Context, obj runtime.Object) (runtime.Object, error)

Create processes a Template and creates a new list of objects

func (*REST) New

func (s *REST) New() runtime.Object

New returns a new Template TODO: this is the input, but not the output. pkg/api/rest should probably allow a rest.Storage object to vary its output or input types (not sure whether New() should be input or output... probably input).


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