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var (
	ErrNotRunning              = errors.New("Process could not be started")
	ErrWaitTimeoutReached      = errors.New("Wait timeout reached")
	ErrDriverAlreadyRegistered = errors.New("A driver already registered this docker init function")
	ErrDriverNotFound          = errors.New("The requested docker init has not been found")


func TweakCapabilities

func TweakCapabilities(basics, adds, drops []string) ([]string, error)


type Command

type Command struct {
	exec.Cmd `json:"-"`

	ID                 string              `json:"id"`
	Privileged         bool                `json:"privileged"`
	User               string              `json:"user"`
	Rootfs             string              `json:"rootfs"`   // root fs of the container
	InitPath           string              `json:"initpath"` // dockerinit
	Entrypoint         string              `json:"entrypoint"`
	Arguments          []string            `json:"arguments"`
	WorkingDir         string              `json:"working_dir"`
	ConfigPath         string              `json:"config_path"` // this should be able to be removed when the lxc template is moved into the driver
	Tty                bool                `json:"tty"`
	Network            *Network            `json:"network"`
	Config             map[string][]string `json:"config"` //  generic values that specific drivers can consume
	Resources          *Resources          `json:"resources"`
	Mounts             []Mount             `json:"mounts"`
	AllowedDevices     []*devices.Device   `json:"allowed_devices"`
	AutoCreatedDevices []*devices.Device   `json:"autocreated_devices"`
	CapAdd             []string            `json:"cap_add"`
	CapDrop            []string            `json:"cap_drop"`

	Terminal     Terminal `json:"-"`             // standard or tty terminal
	Console      string   `json:"-"`             // dev/console path
	ContainerPid int      `json:"container_pid"` // the pid for the process inside a container

Process wrapps an os/exec.Cmd to add more metadata

func (*Command) Pid

func (c *Command) Pid() int

Return the pid of the process If the process is nil -1 will be returned

type Context

type Context map[string]string

Context is a generic key value pair that allows arbatrary data to be sent

type Driver

type Driver interface {
	Run(c *Command, pipes *Pipes, startCallback StartCallback) (int, error) // Run executes the process and blocks until the process exits and returns the exit code
	Kill(c *Command, sig int) error
	Pause(c *Command) error
	Unpause(c *Command) error
	Name() string                                 // Driver name
	Info(id string) Info                          // "temporary" hack (until we move state from core to plugins)
	GetPidsForContainer(id string) ([]int, error) // Returns a list of pids for the given container.
	Terminate(c *Command) error                   // kill it with fire

type Info

type Info interface {
	IsRunning() bool

Driver specific information based on processes registered with the driver

type Mount

type Mount struct {
	Source      string `json:"source"`
	Destination string `json:"destination"`
	Writable    bool   `json:"writable"`
	Private     bool   `json:"private"`

type Network

type Network struct {
	Interface      *NetworkInterface `json:"interface"` // if interface is nil then networking is disabled
	Mtu            int               `json:"mtu"`
	ContainerID    string            `json:"container_id"` // id of the container to join network.
	HostNetworking bool              `json:"host_networking"`

Network settings of the container

type NetworkInterface

type NetworkInterface struct {
	Gateway     string `json:"gateway"`
	IPAddress   string `json:"ip"`
	Bridge      string `json:"bridge"`
	IPPrefixLen int    `json:"ip_prefix_len"`

type Pipes

type Pipes struct {
	Stdin          io.ReadCloser
	Stdout, Stderr io.Writer

Pipes is a wrapper around a containers output for stdin, stdout, stderr

func NewPipes

func NewPipes(stdin io.ReadCloser, stdout, stderr io.Writer, useStdin bool) *Pipes

type Resources

type Resources struct {
	Memory     int64  `json:"memory"`
	MemorySwap int64  `json:"memory_swap"`
	CpuShares  int64  `json:"cpu_shares"`
	Cpuset     string `json:"cpuset"`

type StartCallback

type StartCallback func(*Command)

type StdConsole

type StdConsole struct {

func NewStdConsole

func NewStdConsole(command *Command, pipes *Pipes) (*StdConsole, error)

func (*StdConsole) AttachPipes

func (s *StdConsole) AttachPipes(command *exec.Cmd, pipes *Pipes) error

func (*StdConsole) Close

func (s *StdConsole) Close() error

func (*StdConsole) Resize

func (s *StdConsole) Resize(h, w int) error

type Terminal

type Terminal interface {
	Resize(height, width int) error

Terminal in an interface for drivers to implement if they want to support Close and Resize calls from the core

type TtyTerminal

type TtyTerminal interface {
	Master() *os.File


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