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type Machine

type Machine interface {
	Error() error
	Parse(input []byte) (*URN, error)

Machine is the interface representing the FSM

func NewMachine

func NewMachine() Machine

NewMachine creates a new FSM able to parse RFC 2141 strings.

type URN

type URN struct {
	ID string // Namespace identifier
	SS string // Namespace specific string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

URN represents an Uniform Resource Name.

The general form represented is:


Details at

func Parse

func Parse(u []byte) (*URN, bool)

Parse is responsible to create an URN instance from a byte array matching the correct URN syntax.

func (*URN) Equal

func (u *URN) Equal(x *URN) bool

Equal checks the lexical equivalence of the current URN with another one.

func (*URN) Normalize

func (u *URN) Normalize() *URN

Normalize turns the receiving URN into its norm version.

Which means: lowercase prefix, lowercase namespace identifier, and immutate namespace specific string chars (except <hex> tokens which are lowercased).

func (*URN) String

func (u *URN) String() string

String reassembles the URN into a valid URN string.

This requires both ID and SS fields to be non-empty. Otherwise it returns an empty string.

Default URN prefix is "urn".

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