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type SPDKCaller

type SPDKCaller struct {
	ServerAddress string
	Port          int
	IsVerbose     bool

func NewSPDKCaller

func NewSPDKCaller(address string, port int, isVerbose bool) *SPDKCaller

func (*SPDKCaller) ClearTraceFlag

func (s *SPDKCaller) ClearTraceFlag(flag string) error

func (*SPDKCaller) ConstructAIObdev

func (s *SPDKCaller) ConstructAIObdev(req *pb.ConstructAIObdevRequest) (string, error)

func (*SPDKCaller) ConstructErrorbdev

func (s *SPDKCaller) ConstructErrorbdev(basename string) error

func (*SPDKCaller) ConstructMallocbdev

func (s *SPDKCaller) ConstructMallocbdev(totalSize, blockSize int32) error

func (*SPDKCaller) ConstructNVMEbdev

func (s *SPDKCaller) ConstructNVMEbdev(req *pb.ConstructNVMEbdevRequest) (string, error)

func (*SPDKCaller) ConstructNVMFSubsystem

func (s *SPDKCaller) ConstructNVMFSubsystem(req *pb.ConstructNVMFSubsystemRequest) error

func (*SPDKCaller) ConstructNullbdev

func (s *SPDKCaller) ConstructNullbdev(name string, totalSize, blockSize int32) (string, error)

func (*SPDKCaller) DeleteNVMFSubsystem

func (s *SPDKCaller) DeleteNVMFSubsystem(nqn string) error

func (*SPDKCaller) Deletebdev

func (s *SPDKCaller) Deletebdev(name string) error

func (*SPDKCaller) GetNVMFSubsystems

func (s *SPDKCaller) GetNVMFSubsystems() ([]*pb.NVMFSubsystem, error)

func (*SPDKCaller) GetRPCMethods

func (s *SPDKCaller) GetRPCMethods() ([]string, error)

func (*SPDKCaller) GetTraceFlags

func (s *SPDKCaller) GetTraceFlags() ([]string, error)

func (*SPDKCaller) Getbdevs

func (s *SPDKCaller) Getbdevs() ([]*pb.BlockDevice, error)

func (*SPDKCaller) KillInstance

func (s *SPDKCaller) KillInstance(signame string) error

func (*SPDKCaller) SetTraceFlag

func (s *SPDKCaller) SetTraceFlag(flag string) error

func (*SPDKCaller) StartServer

func (s *SPDKCaller) StartServer(spdkDir, serverName string) error


Path Synopsis
Package proto is a generated protocol buffer package.
Package proto is a generated protocol buffer package.

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