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type Addr

type Addr struct {
	IP   string `json:"ip"`
	Port uint32 `json:"port"`

Addr is implemented compatibility to psutil

func (Addr) String

func (a Addr) String() string

type NetConnectionStat

type NetConnectionStat struct {
	Fd     uint32 `json:"fd"`
	Family uint32 `json:"family"`
	Type   uint32 `json:"type"`
	Laddr  Addr   `json:"localaddr"`
	Raddr  Addr   `json:"remoteaddr"`
	Status string `json:"status"`
	Pid    int32  `json:"pid"`

func (NetConnectionStat) String

func (n NetConnectionStat) String() string

type NetIOCountersStat

type NetIOCountersStat struct {
	Name        string `json:"name"`         // interface name
	BytesSent   uint64 `json:"bytes_sent"`   // number of bytes sent
	BytesRecv   uint64 `json:"bytes_recv"`   // number of bytes received
	PacketsSent uint64 `json:"packets_sent"` // number of packets sent
	PacketsRecv uint64 `json:"packets_recv"` // number of packets received
	Errin       uint64 `json:"errin"`        // total number of errors while receiving
	Errout      uint64 `json:"errout"`       // total number of errors while sending
	Dropin      uint64 `json:"dropin"`       // total number of incoming packets which were dropped
	Dropout     uint64 `json:"dropout"`      // total number of outgoing packets which were dropped (always 0 on OSX and BSD)

func (NetIOCountersStat) String

func (n NetIOCountersStat) String() string

type NetInterfaceAddr

type NetInterfaceAddr struct {
	Addr string `json:"addr"`

NetInterfaceAddr is designed for represent interface addresses

func (NetInterfaceAddr) String

func (n NetInterfaceAddr) String() string

type NetInterfaceStat

type NetInterfaceStat struct {
	MTU          int                `json:"mtu"`          // maximum transmission unit
	Name         string             `json:"name"`         // e.g., "en0", "lo0", "eth0.100"
	HardwareAddr string             `json:"hardwareaddr"` // IEEE MAC-48, EUI-48 and EUI-64 form
	Flags        []string           `json:"flags"`        // e.g., FlagUp, FlagLoopback, FlagMulticast
	Addrs        []NetInterfaceAddr `json:"addrs"`

func NetInterfaces

func NetInterfaces() ([]NetInterfaceStat, error)

func (NetInterfaceStat) String

func (n NetInterfaceStat) String() string

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