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Published: Jul 28, 2020 | Licenses: MIT , GPL3 | Module:


func NewNetwork

func NewNetwork(Config models.NeuralNetConfig) *models.NeuralNet

NewNetwork for obtaining new network

func Predict

func Predict(x *mat.Dense, nn *models.NeuralNet) (*mat.Dense, error)

Predict for prediction

func ShuffleRawCSVdata

func ShuffleRawCSVdata(data [][]string) [][]string

ShuffleRawCSVdata function for shuffling dataset

func Sigmoid

func Sigmoid(x float64) float64

Sigmoid Activation Function

func SigmoidPrime

func SigmoidPrime(x float64) float64

SigmoidPrime Derivative of Sigmoid Function

func SplitData

func SplitData(data dataframe.DataFrame)

SplitData function for spliting data set

func SumAlongAxis

func SumAlongAxis(axis int, m *mat.Dense) (*mat.Dense, error)

SumAlongAxis function for sum

func Train

func Train(x, y *mat.Dense, nn *models.NeuralNet) (*mat.Dense, error)

Train functions

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