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Published: Sep 23, 2019 | License: MIT | Module:


Package lile provides helper methods to quickly create RPC based services that have metrics, tracing and pub/sub support


func AddStreamInterceptor

func AddStreamInterceptor(sint grpc.StreamServerInterceptor)

AddStreamInterceptor adds a stream interceptor to the RPC server

func AddUnaryInterceptor

func AddUnaryInterceptor(unint grpc.UnaryServerInterceptor)

AddUnaryInterceptor adds a unary interceptor to the RPC server

func BaseCommand

func BaseCommand(serviceName, shortDescription string) *cobra.Command

BaseCommand provides the basic flags vars for running a service

func ContextClientInterceptor

func ContextClientInterceptor() grpc.UnaryClientInterceptor

ContextClientInterceptor passes around headers for tracing and linkerd

func Name

func Name(n string)

Name sets the name for the service

func NewTestServer

func NewTestServer(s *grpc.Server) (string, func())

NewTestServer is a helper function to create a gRPC server on a non-network socket and it returns the socket location and a func to call which starts the server

func Run

func Run() error

Run is a blocking cmd to run the gRPC and metrics server. You should listen to os signals and call Shutdown() if you want a graceful shutdown or want to handle other goroutines

func ServeGRPC

func ServeGRPC() error

ServeGRPC creates and runs a blocking gRPC server

func Server

func Server(r func(s *grpc.Server))

Server attaches the gRPC implementation to the service

func Shutdown

func Shutdown()

Shutdown gracefully shuts down the gRPC and metrics servers

func TestConn

func TestConn(addr string) *grpc.ClientConn

TestConn is a connection that connects to a socket based connection

func URLForService

func URLForService(name string) string

URLForService returns a service URL via a registry or a simple DNS name if not available via the registry

type RegisterImplementation

type RegisterImplementation func(s *grpc.Server)

RegisterImplementation allows you to register your gRPC server

type Registry

type Registry interface {
	// Register a service
	Register(s *Service) error
	// Deregister a service
	DeRegister(s *Service) error
	// Get a service by name
	Get(name string) (string, error)

Registry is the interface to implement for external registry providers

type ServerConfig

type ServerConfig struct {
	Port int
	Host string

ServerConfig is a generic server configuration

func (*ServerConfig) Address

func (c *ServerConfig) Address() string

Address Gets a logical addr for a ServerConfig

type Service

type Service struct {
	ID   string
	Name string

	// Interceptors
	UnaryInts  []grpc.UnaryServerInterceptor
	StreamInts []grpc.StreamServerInterceptor

	// The RPC server implementation
	GRPCImplementation RegisterImplementation
	GRPCOptions        []grpc.ServerOption

	// gRPC and Prometheus endpoints
	Config           ServerConfig
	PrometheusConfig ServerConfig

	// Registry allows Lile to work with external registeries like
	// consul, zookeeper or similar
	Registry Registry

	// Private utils, exposed so they can be useful if needed
	ServiceListener  net.Listener
	GRPCServer       *grpc.Server
	PrometheusServer *http.Server

Service is a gRPC based server with extra features

func GlobalService

func GlobalService() *Service

GlobalService returns the global service

func NewService

func NewService(n string) *Service

NewService creates a new service with a given name

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