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Welcome to Lino Blockchain. Lino aims to create a decentralized autonomous content economy, where content value can be recognized efficiently and all contributors can be incentivized directly and effectively to promote long-term economic growth. For more information about Lino refer to our website.




Lino Blockchain Bug Bounty Rules & Guidelines

We are very excited to announce the release of version 0.1.0 of Lino Core! Not all functionalities are implemented in this current version of code and Lino Core is still a work in progress. We sincerely appreciate your participation in Lino Core code contribution. Together, we can create the next generation of decentralized video/streaming platforms!

  1. Bug bounties will be rewarded on a first come first serve basis (first person to find the bug is rewarded the bounty for that particular bug. All others will be rejected for that bug). Bugs already known to the Lino team are not eligible for bounty rewards.

  2. Bug vulnerabilities disclosed publicly will not be eligible for a bounty. Please submit all bugs directly to


There will be two tiers of rewards for Lino Core bugs. Tiers will be reviewed and determined by Lino team based on the following criteria:

  1. Tier one – critical level bugs in code will result in 5,000 USD reward paid in BTC/ETH.
  • Bugs which can take control of Full Nodes or Validators by remote execution of any code
  • Bugs which can lead to private key leakage
  • Bugs which can incur Denial of Service(DoS)
  • Other high level bugs related to network security
  1. Tier two – lower level bugs in code will result in 500 USD reward paid in BTC/ETH
  • Data type overflow
  • Synchronization error / race condition
  • Other bugs that are not severe threats to network security

Please include a clear description(test code and instructions) in your submission so that it is easier for us to reproduce the error.

There are an unlimited number of submissions available for the bug bounty program. If you find relevant bugs in our blockchain code please feel free to report. You can submit an issue on this repo and we will review and reply.

If you need more information about the Lino Network, please send an email to to request access to the whitepaper.