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type Certificate

type Certificate struct {
	Subject            Subject
	Issuer             Issuer
	NotBefore          string    `js:"notBefore"`
	NotAfter           string    `js:"notAfter"`
	AltNames           []string  `js:"altNames"`
	SignatureAlgorithm string    `js:"signatureAlgorithm"`
	FingerPrint        []byte    `js:"fingerPrint"`
	PublicKey          PublicKey `js:"publicKey"`

    Certificate is an X.509 certificate

    type Issuer

    type Issuer struct {
    	CommonName          string `js:"commonName"`
    	Country             string
    	StateOrProvinceName string `js:"stateOrProvinceName"`
    	LocalityName        string `js:"localityName"`
    	OrganizationName    string `js:"organizationName"`
    	Names               []RDN

      Issuer is a certificate issuer

      type PublicKey

      type PublicKey struct {
      	Algorithm string
      	Key       interface{}

        PublicKey is used for decryption and signature verification

        type RDN

        type RDN struct {
        	Type  string
        	Value string

          RDN is a component of an X.509 distinguished name

          type Subject

          type Subject struct {
          	CommonName             string `js:"commonName"`
          	Country                string
          	PostalCode             string   `js:"postalCode"`
          	StateOrProvinceName    string   `js:"stateOrProvinceName"`
          	LocalityName           string   `js:"localityName"`
          	StreetAddress          string   `js:"streetAddress"`
          	OrganizationName       string   `js:"organizationName"`
          	OrganizationalUnitName []string `js:"organizationalUnitName"`
          	Names                  []RDN

            Subject is a certificate subject

            type X509

            type X509 struct{}

              X509 certificate functionality

              func New

              func New() *X509

                New constructs the X509 interface

                func (X509) GetAltNames

                func (X509) GetAltNames(ctx context.Context, encoded []byte) []string

                  GetAltNames extracts alt names

                  func (X509) GetIssuer

                  func (X509) GetIssuer(ctx context.Context, encoded []byte) Issuer

                    GetIssuer extracts certificate issuer

                    func (X509) GetSubject

                    func (X509) GetSubject(ctx context.Context, encoded []byte) Subject

                      GetSubject extracts certificate subject

                      func (X509) Parse

                      func (X509) Parse(ctx context.Context, encoded []byte) Certificate

                        Parse produces an entire X.509 certificate

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