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type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    Client represents a gRPC client that can be used to make RPC requests

    func (*Client) Close

    func (c *Client) Close() error

      Close will close the client gRPC connection

      func (*Client) Connect

      func (c *Client) Connect(ctxPtr *context.Context, addr string, params map[string]interface{}) (bool, error)

        Connect is a block dial to the gRPC server at the given address (host:port) nolint: funlen

        func (*Client) HandleConn

        func (*Client) HandleConn(context.Context, grpcstats.ConnStats)

          HandleConn implements the stats.Handler interface

          func (*Client) HandleRPC

          func (c *Client) HandleRPC(ctx context.Context, stat grpcstats.RPCStats)

            HandleRPC implements the stats.Handler interface

            func (*Client) Invoke

            func (c *Client) Invoke(ctxPtr *context.Context,
            	method string, req goja.Value, params map[string]interface{}) (*Response, error)

              Invoke creates and calls a unary RPC by fully qualified method name nolint: funlen,gocognit,gocyclo

              func (*Client) Load

              func (c *Client) Load(ctxPtr *context.Context, importPaths []string, filenames ...string) ([]MethodInfo, error)

                Load will parse the given proto files and make the file descriptors available to request.

                func (*Client) TagConn

                  TagConn implements the stats.Handler interface

                  func (*Client) TagRPC

                    TagRPC implements the stats.Handler interface

                    type GRPC

                    type GRPC struct {
                    	StatusOK                 codes.Code `js:"StatusOK"`
                    	StatusCanceled           codes.Code `js:"StatusCanceled"`
                    	StatusUnknown            codes.Code `js:"StatusUnknown"`
                    	StatusInvalidArgument    codes.Code `js:"StatusInvalidArgument"`
                    	StatusDeadlineExceeded   codes.Code `js:"StatusDeadlineExceeded"`
                    	StatusNotFound           codes.Code `js:"StatusNotFound"`
                    	StatusAlreadyExists      codes.Code `js:"StatusAlreadyExists"`
                    	StatusPermissionDenied   codes.Code `js:"StatusPermissionDenied"`
                    	StatusResourceExhausted  codes.Code `js:"StatusResourceExhausted"`
                    	StatusFailedPrecondition codes.Code `js:"StatusFailedPrecondition"`
                    	StatusAborted            codes.Code `js:"StatusAborted"`
                    	StatusOutOfRange         codes.Code `js:"StatusOutOfRange"`
                    	StatusUnimplemented      codes.Code `js:"StatusUnimplemented"`
                    	StatusInternal           codes.Code `js:"StatusInternal"`
                    	StatusUnavailable        codes.Code `js:"StatusUnavailable"`
                    	StatusDataLoss           codes.Code `js:"StatusDataLoss"`
                    	StatusUnauthenticated    codes.Code `js:"StatusUnauthenticated"`

                      GRPC represents the gRPC protocol module for k6

                      func New

                      func New() *GRPC

                        New creates a new gRPC module

                        func (*GRPC) XClient

                        func (*GRPC) XClient(ctxPtr *context.Context) interface{}

                          XClient represents the Client constructor (e.g. `new grpc.Client()`) and creates a new gPRC client object that can load protobuf definitions, connect to servers and invoke RPC methods.

                          type MethodInfo

                          type MethodInfo struct {
                          	grpc.MethodInfo `json:"-" js:"-"`
                          	Package         string
                          	Service         string
                          	FullMethod      string

                            MethodInfo holds information on any parsed method descriptors that can be used by the goja VM

                            type Response

                            type Response struct {
                            	Status   codes.Code
                            	Message  interface{}
                            	Headers  map[string][]string
                            	Trailers map[string][]string
                            	Error    interface{}

                              Response is a gRPC response that can be used by the goja VM