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var ErrWSInInitContext = common.NewInitContextError("using websockets in the init context is not supported")

    ErrWSInInitContext is returned when websockets are using in the init context


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    type Socket

    type Socket struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    func (*Socket) Close

    func (s *Socket) Close(args ...goja.Value)

    func (*Socket) On

    func (s *Socket) On(event string, handler goja.Value)

    func (*Socket) Ping

    func (s *Socket) Ping()

    func (*Socket) Send

    func (s *Socket) Send(message string)

    func (*Socket) SetInterval

    func (s *Socket) SetInterval(fn goja.Callable, intervalMs float64) error

      SetInterval executes the provided function inside the socket's event loop each interval time, which is in ms

      func (*Socket) SetTimeout

      func (s *Socket) SetTimeout(fn goja.Callable, timeoutMs float64) error

        SetTimeout executes the provided function inside the socket's event loop after at least the provided timeout, which is in ms, has elapsed

        type WS

        type WS struct{}

        func New

        func New() *WS

        func (*WS) Connect

        func (*WS) Connect(ctx context.Context, url string, args ...goja.Value) (*WSHTTPResponse, error)

        type WSHTTPResponse

        type WSHTTPResponse struct {
        	URL     string            `json:"url"`
        	Status  int               `json:"status"`
        	Headers map[string]string `json:"headers"`
        	Body    string            `json:"body"`
        	Error   string            `json:"error"`

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