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func NewCacheOnReadFs

func NewCacheOnReadFs(base, layer afero.Fs, cacheTime time.Duration) afero.Fs

    NewCacheOnReadFs returns a new CacheOnReadFs

    func Walk

    func Walk(fs afero.Fs, root string, walkFn filepath.WalkFunc) error

      Walk implements afero.Walk, but in a way that it doesn't loop to infinity and doesn't have problems if a given path part looks like a windows volume name


      type CacheOnReadFs

      type CacheOnReadFs struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        CacheOnReadFs is wrapper around afero.CacheOnReadFs with the ability to return the filesystem that is used as cache

        func (CacheOnReadFs) GetCachingFs

        func (c CacheOnReadFs) GetCachingFs() afero.Fs

          GetCachingFs returns the afero.Fs being used for cache

          type ChangePathFile

          type ChangePathFile struct {
          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

            ChangePathFile is a file from ChangePathFs

            func (*ChangePathFile) Name

            func (f *ChangePathFile) Name() string

              Name Returns the name of the file

              type ChangePathFs

              type ChangePathFs struct {
              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                ChangePathFs is a filesystem that wraps another afero.Fs and changes all given paths from all file and directory names, with a function, before calling the same method on the wrapped afero.Fs. Heavily based on afero.BasePathFs

                func NewChangePathFs

                func NewChangePathFs(source afero.Fs, fn ChangePathFunc) *ChangePathFs

                  NewChangePathFs return a ChangePathFs where all paths will be change with the provided funcs

                  func NewTrimFilePathSeparatorFs

                  func NewTrimFilePathSeparatorFs(source afero.Fs) *ChangePathFs

                    NewTrimFilePathSeparatorFs is ChangePathFs that trims a Afero.FilePathSeparator from all paths Heavily based on afero.BasePathFs

                    func (*ChangePathFs) Chmod

                    func (b *ChangePathFs) Chmod(name string, mode os.FileMode) (err error)

                      Chmod changes the mode of the named file to mode.

                      func (*ChangePathFs) Chtimes

                      func (b *ChangePathFs) Chtimes(name string, atime, mtime time.Time) (err error)

                        Chtimes changes the access and modification times of the named file

                        func (*ChangePathFs) Create

                        func (b *ChangePathFs) Create(name string) (f afero.File, err error)

                          Create creates a file in the filesystem, returning the file and an error, if any happens

                          func (*ChangePathFs) LstatIfPossible

                          func (b *ChangePathFs) LstatIfPossible(name string) (os.FileInfo, bool, error)

                            LstatIfPossible implements the afero.Lstater interface

                            func (*ChangePathFs) Mkdir

                            func (b *ChangePathFs) Mkdir(name string, mode os.FileMode) (err error)

                              Mkdir creates a directory in the filesystem, return an error if any happens.

                              func (*ChangePathFs) MkdirAll

                              func (b *ChangePathFs) MkdirAll(name string, mode os.FileMode) (err error)

                                MkdirAll creates a directory path and all parents that does not exist yet.

                                func (*ChangePathFs) Name

                                func (b *ChangePathFs) Name() string

                                  Name return the name of this FileSystem

                                  func (*ChangePathFs) Open

                                  func (b *ChangePathFs) Open(name string) (f afero.File, err error)

                                    Open opens a file, returning it or an error, if any happens.

                                    func (*ChangePathFs) OpenFile

                                    func (b *ChangePathFs) OpenFile(name string, flag int, mode os.FileMode) (f afero.File, err error)

                                      OpenFile opens a file using the given flags and the given mode.

                                      func (*ChangePathFs) Remove

                                      func (b *ChangePathFs) Remove(name string) (err error)

                                        Remove removes a file identified by name, returning an error, if any happens.

                                        func (*ChangePathFs) RemoveAll

                                        func (b *ChangePathFs) RemoveAll(name string) (err error)

                                          RemoveAll removes a directory path and any children it contains. It does not fail if the path does not exist (return nil).

                                          func (*ChangePathFs) Rename

                                          func (b *ChangePathFs) Rename(oldName, newName string) (err error)

                                            Rename renames a file.

                                            func (*ChangePathFs) Stat

                                            func (b *ChangePathFs) Stat(name string) (fi os.FileInfo, err error)

                                              Stat returns a FileInfo describing the named file, or an error, if any happens.

                                              type ChangePathFunc

                                              type ChangePathFunc func(name string) (path string, err error)

                                                ChangePathFunc is the function that will be called by ChangePathFs to change the path