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type MockResolver

type MockResolver struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    MockResolver implements netext.Resolver, and allows changing the host mapping at runtime.

    func New

    func New(hosts map[string][]net.IP, fallback func(host string) ([]net.IP, error)) *MockResolver

      New returns a new MockResolver.

      func (*MockResolver) LookupIP

      func (r *MockResolver) LookupIP(host string) (net.IP, error)

        LookupIP returns the first IP mapped for host.

        func (*MockResolver) LookupIPAll

        func (r *MockResolver) LookupIPAll(host string) ([]net.IP, error)

          LookupIPAll returns all IPs mapped for host. It mimics the net.LookupIP signature so that it can be used to mock netext.LookupIP in tests.

          func (*MockResolver) Set

          func (r *MockResolver) Set(host, ip string)

            Set the host to resolve to ip.

            func (*MockResolver) Unset

            func (r *MockResolver) Unset(host string)

              Unset removes the host.

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