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func IsStringInSlice

func IsStringInSlice(slice []string, str string) bool

    IsStringInSlice returns whether the string is contained within a string slice

    func MakeHeader

    func MakeHeader(tags []string) []string

      MakeHeader creates list of column names for csv file

      func SampleToRow

      func SampleToRow(sample *stats.Sample, resTags []string, ignoredTags []string, row []string) []string

        SampleToRow converts sample into array of strings


        type Collector

        type Collector struct {
        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

          Collector saving output to csv implements the lib.Collector interface

          func New

          func New(logger logrus.FieldLogger, fs afero.Fs, tags stats.TagSet, config Config) (*Collector, error)

            New Creates new instance of CSV collector

            func (*Collector) Collect

            func (c *Collector) Collect(scs []stats.SampleContainer)

              Collect Saves samples to buffer

              func (*Collector) GetRequiredSystemTags

              func (c *Collector) GetRequiredSystemTags() stats.SystemTagSet

                GetRequiredSystemTags returns which sample tags are needed by this collector

                func (*Collector) Init

                func (c *Collector) Init() error

                  Init writes column names to csv file

                  func (c *Collector) Link() string

                    Link returns a dummy string, it's only included to satisfy the lib.Collector interface

                    func (*Collector) Run

                    func (c *Collector) Run(ctx context.Context)

                      Run just blocks until the context is done

                      func (*Collector) SetRunStatus

                      func (c *Collector) SetRunStatus(status lib.RunStatus)

                        SetRunStatus does nothing

                        type Config

                        type Config struct {
                        	// Samples.
                        	FileName     null.String        `json:"file_name" envconfig:"K6_CSV_FILENAME"`
                        	SaveInterval types.NullDuration `json:"save_interval" envconfig:"K6_CSV_SAVE_INTERVAL"`

                          Config is the config for the csv collector

                          func NewConfig

                          func NewConfig() Config

                            NewConfig creates a new Config instance with default values for some fields.

                            func ParseArg

                            func ParseArg(arg string) (Config, error)

                              ParseArg takes an arg string and converts it to a config

                              func (Config) Apply

                              func (c Config) Apply(cfg Config) Config

                                Apply merges two configs by overwriting properties in the old config