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func New

func New(logger logrus.FieldLogger, conf Config) (*common.Collector, error)

    New creates a new Datadog connector client


    type Config

    type Config struct {
    	Addr         null.String        `json:"addr,omitempty" envconfig:"K6_DATADOG_ADDR"`
    	BufferSize   null.Int           `json:"bufferSize,omitempty" envconfig:"K6_DATADOG_BUFFER_SIZE"`
    	Namespace    null.String        `json:"namespace,omitempty" envconfig:"K6_DATADOG_NAMESPACE"`
    	PushInterval types.NullDuration `json:"pushInterval,omitempty" envconfig:"K6_DATADOG_PUSH_INTERVAL"`
    	TagBlacklist stats.TagSet       `json:"tagBlacklist,omitempty" envconfig:"K6_DATADOG_TAG_BLACKLIST"`

      Config defines the Datadog configuration.

      func NewConfig

      func NewConfig() Config

        NewConfig creates a new Config instance with default values for some fields.

        func (Config) Apply

        func (c Config) Apply(cfg Config) Config

          Apply saves config non-zero config values from the passed config in the receiver.

          func (Config) GetAddr

          func (c Config) GetAddr() null.String

            GetAddr returns the address of the DogStatsD service.

            func (Config) GetBufferSize

            func (c Config) GetBufferSize() null.Int

              GetBufferSize returns the size of the commands buffer.

              func (Config) GetNamespace

              func (c Config) GetNamespace() null.String

                GetNamespace returns the namespace prepended to all statsd calls.

                func (Config) GetPushInterval

                func (c Config) GetPushInterval() types.NullDuration

                  GetPushInterval returns the time interval between outgoing data batches.

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