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type Collector

type Collector struct {
	Producer sarama.SyncProducer
	Config   Config

	Samples []stats.Sample
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    Collector implements the lib.Collector interface and should be used only for testing

    func New

    func New(logger logrus.FieldLogger, conf Config) (*Collector, error)

      New creates an instance of the collector

      func (*Collector) Collect

      func (c *Collector) Collect(scs []stats.SampleContainer)

        Collect just appends all of the samples passed to it to the internal sample slice. According to the the lib.Collector interface, it should never be called concurrently, so there's no locking on purpose - that way Go's race condition detector can actually detect incorrect usage. Also, theoretically the collector doesn't have to actually Run() before samples start being collected, it only has to be initialized.

        func (*Collector) GetRequiredSystemTags

        func (c *Collector) GetRequiredSystemTags() stats.SystemTagSet

          GetRequiredSystemTags returns which sample tags are needed by this collector

          func (*Collector) Init

          func (c *Collector) Init() error

            Init does nothing, it's only included to satisfy the lib.Collector interface

            func (c *Collector) Link() string

              Link returns a dummy string, it's only included to satisfy the lib.Collector interface

              func (*Collector) Run

              func (c *Collector) Run(ctx context.Context)

                Run just blocks until the context is done

                func (*Collector) SetRunStatus

                func (c *Collector) SetRunStatus(status lib.RunStatus)

                  SetRunStatus does nothing in the Kafka collector

                  type Config

                  type Config struct {
                  	// Connection.
                  	Brokers []string `json:"brokers" envconfig:"K6_KAFKA_BROKERS"`
                  	// Samples.
                  	Topic        null.String        `json:"topic" envconfig:"K6_KAFKA_TOPIC"`
                  	Format       null.String        `json:"format" envconfig:"K6_KAFKA_FORMAT"`
                  	PushInterval types.NullDuration `json:"push_interval" envconfig:"K6_KAFKA_PUSH_INTERVAL"`
                  	InfluxDBConfig influxdb.Config `json:"influxdb"`

                    Config is the config for the kafka collector

                    func NewConfig

                    func NewConfig() Config

                      NewConfig creates a new Config instance with default values for some fields.

                      func ParseArg

                      func ParseArg(arg string) (Config, error)

                        ParseArg takes an arg string and converts it to a config

                        func (Config) Apply

                        func (c Config) Apply(cfg Config) Config