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const (
	OCSP_STATUS_GOOD                   = "good"
	OCSP_STATUS_REVOKED                = "revoked"
	OCSP_STATUS_SERVER_FAILED          = "server_failed"
	OCSP_STATUS_UNKNOWN                = "unknown"
	OCSP_REASON_UNSPECIFIED            = "unspecified"
	OCSP_REASON_KEY_COMPROMISE         = "key_compromise"
	OCSP_REASON_CA_COMPROMISE          = "ca_compromise"
	OCSP_REASON_AFFILIATION_CHANGED    = "affiliation_changed"
	OCSP_REASON_SUPERSEDED             = "superseded"
	OCSP_REASON_CESSATION_OF_OPERATION = "cessation_of_operation"
	OCSP_REASON_CERTIFICATE_HOLD       = "certificate_hold"
	OCSP_REASON_REMOVE_FROM_CRL        = "remove_from_crl"
	OCSP_REASON_PRIVILEGE_WITHDRAWN    = "privilege_withdrawn"
	OCSP_REASON_AA_COMPROMISE          = "aa_compromise"
	SSL_3_0                            = "ssl3.0"
	TLS_1_0                            = "tls1.0"
	TLS_1_1                            = "tls1.1"
	TLS_1_2                            = "tls1.2"
	TLS_1_3                            = "tls1.3"

    nolint: golint


    This section is empty.


    func ParseTLSConnState

    func ParseTLSConnState(tlsState *tls.ConnectionState) (TLSInfo, OCSP)


    type BlackListedIPError

    type BlackListedIPError struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      BlackListedIPError is an error that is returned when a given IP is blacklisted

      func (BlackListedIPError) Error

      func (b BlackListedIPError) Error() string

      type BlockedHostError

      type BlockedHostError struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        BlockedHostError is returned when a given hostname is blocked

        func (BlockedHostError) Error

        func (b BlockedHostError) Error() string

        type Conn

        type Conn struct {
        	BytesRead, BytesWritten *int64

          Conn wraps net.Conn and keeps track of sent and received data size

          func (*Conn) Read

          func (c *Conn) Read(b []byte) (int, error)

          func (*Conn) Write

          func (c *Conn) Write(b []byte) (int, error)

          type Dialer

          type Dialer struct {
          	Resolver         Resolver
          	Blacklist        []*lib.IPNet
          	BlockedHostnames *types.HostnameTrie
          	Hosts            map[string]*lib.HostAddress
          	BytesRead    int64
          	BytesWritten int64

            Dialer wraps net.Dialer and provides k6 specific functionality - tracing, blacklists and DNS cache and aliases.

            func NewDialer

            func NewDialer(dialer net.Dialer, resolver Resolver) *Dialer

              NewDialer constructs a new Dialer with the given DNS resolver.

              func (*Dialer) DialContext

              func (d *Dialer) DialContext(ctx context.Context, proto, addr string) (net.Conn, error)

                DialContext wraps the net.Dialer.DialContext and handles the k6 specifics

                func (*Dialer) GetTrail

                func (d *Dialer) GetTrail(
                	startTime, endTime time.Time, fullIteration bool, emitIterations bool, tags *stats.SampleTags,
                ) *NetTrail

                  GetTrail creates a new NetTrail instance with the Dialer sent and received data metrics and the supplied times and tags. TODO: Refactor this according to

                  type MultiResolver

                  type MultiResolver func(host string) ([]net.IP, error)

                    MultiResolver returns all IP addresses for the given host.

                    type NetTrail

                    type NetTrail struct {
                    	BytesRead     int64
                    	BytesWritten  int64
                    	FullIteration bool
                    	StartTime     time.Time
                    	EndTime       time.Time
                    	Tags          *stats.SampleTags
                    	Samples       []stats.Sample

                      NetTrail contains information about the exchanged data size and length of a series of connections from a particular netext.Dialer

                      func (*NetTrail) GetSamples

                      func (ntr *NetTrail) GetSamples() []stats.Sample

                        GetSamples implements the stats.SampleContainer interface.

                        func (*NetTrail) GetTags

                        func (ntr *NetTrail) GetTags() *stats.SampleTags

                          GetTags implements the stats.ConnectedSampleContainer interface.

                          func (*NetTrail) GetTime

                          func (ntr *NetTrail) GetTime() time.Time

                            GetTime implements the stats.ConnectedSampleContainer interface.

                            type OCSP

                            type OCSP struct {
                            	ProducedAt       int64  `json:"produced_at"`
                            	ThisUpdate       int64  `json:"this_update"`
                            	NextUpdate       int64  `json:"next_update"`
                            	RevokedAt        int64  `json:"revoked_at"`
                            	RevocationReason string `json:"revocation_reason"`
                            	Status           string `json:"status"`

                            type Resolver

                            type Resolver interface {
                            	LookupIP(host string) (net.IP, error)

                              Resolver is an interface that returns DNS information about a given host.

                              func NewResolver

                              func NewResolver(
                              	actRes MultiResolver, ttl time.Duration, sel types.DNSSelect, pol types.DNSPolicy,
                              ) Resolver

                                NewResolver returns a new DNS resolver. If ttl is not 0, responses will be cached per host for the specified period. The IP returned from LookupIP() will be selected based on the given sel and pol values.

                                type TLSInfo

                                type TLSInfo struct {
                                	Version     string
                                	CipherSuite string


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