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type Manager

type Manager struct {
	ControllerClient api.CollectorSetControllerClient

Manager implements types.DeviceManager

func (*Manager) Add

func (m *Manager) Add(options ...types.DeviceOption) (*models.Device, error)

Add implements types.DeviceManager.

func (*Manager) Config

func (m *Manager) Config() *config.Config

Config implements types.DeviceManager.

func (*Manager) DeleteByDisplayName added in v1.0.1

func (m *Manager) DeleteByDisplayName(name string) error

DeleteByDisplayName implements types.DeviceManager.

func (*Manager) DeleteByID

func (m *Manager) DeleteByID(id int32) error

DeleteByID implements types.DeviceManager.

func (*Manager) FindByDisplayName

func (m *Manager) FindByDisplayName(name string) (*models.Device, error)

FindByDisplayName implements types.DeviceManager.

func (*Manager) FindByDisplayNameAndClusterName

func (m *Manager) FindByDisplayNameAndClusterName(displayName string) (*models.Device, error)

FindByDisplayNameAndClusterName implements types.DeviceManager.

func (*Manager) FindByDisplayNames

func (m *Manager) FindByDisplayNames(displayNames ...string) ([]*models.Device, error)

FindByDisplayNames implements types.DeviceManager.

func (*Manager) GetListByGroupID added in v1.0.1

func (m *Manager) GetListByGroupID(groupID int32) ([]*models.Device, error)

GetListByGroupID implements getting all the devices belongs to the group directly

func (*Manager) GetPropertyValue

func (m *Manager) GetPropertyValue(device *models.Device, propertyName string) string

GetPropertyValue get device property value by property name

func (*Manager) UpdateAndReplace

func (m *Manager) UpdateAndReplace(d *models.Device, options ...types.DeviceOption) (*models.Device, error)

UpdateAndReplace implements types.DeviceManager.

func (*Manager) UpdateAndReplaceByDisplayName added in v1.0.1

func (m *Manager) UpdateAndReplaceByDisplayName(name string, options ...types.DeviceOption) (*models.Device, error)

UpdateAndReplaceByDisplayName implements types.DeviceManager.

func (*Manager) UpdateAndReplaceField

func (m *Manager) UpdateAndReplaceField(d *models.Device, field string, options ...types.DeviceOption) (*models.Device, error)

UpdateAndReplaceField implements types.DeviceManager.

func (*Manager) UpdateAndReplaceFieldByDisplayName added in v1.0.1

func (m *Manager) UpdateAndReplaceFieldByDisplayName(name string, field string, options ...types.DeviceOption) (*models.Device, error)

UpdateAndReplaceFieldByDisplayName implements types.DeviceManager.

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