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func Create

func Create(opts *Options) (int32, error)

Create creates a device group.

func DeleteSubGroup

func DeleteSubGroup(deviceGroup *models.DeviceGroup, name string, client *client.LMSdkGo) error

DeleteSubGroup deletes a subgroup from a device group with the specified name.

func Exists added in v1.0.1

func Exists(parentID int32, name string, client *client.LMSdkGo) bool

Exists returns true if the specified device group exists in the account

func ExistsByID added in v1.0.1

func ExistsByID(groupID int32, client *client.LMSdkGo) bool

ExistsByID returns true if we could get the group by id

func Find

func Find(parentID int32, name string, client *client.LMSdkGo) (*models.DeviceGroup, error)

Find searches for a device group identified by the parent ID and name.


type AppliesToBuilder

type AppliesToBuilder interface {
	HasCategory(string) AppliesToBuilder
	Auto(string) AppliesToBuilder
	And() AppliesToBuilder
	Or() AppliesToBuilder
	Equals(string) AppliesToBuilder
	String() string

AppliesToBuilder is an interface for building an appliesTo string.

func NewAppliesToBuilder

func NewAppliesToBuilder() AppliesToBuilder

NewAppliesToBuilder is the builder for appliesTo.

type Options

type Options struct {
	AppliesTo             AppliesToBuilder
	AppliesToDeletedGroup AppliesToBuilder
	Client                *client.LMSdkGo
	Name                  string
	ParentID              int32
	DisableAlerting       bool
	DeleteDevices         bool

Options are the options for creating a device group.

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