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type EventBus

type EventBus struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

EventBus is a local event bus that delegates handling of published events to all matching registered handlers, in order of registration.

func NewEventBus

func NewEventBus(addr, appID string, options ...Option) (*EventBus, error)

NewEventBus creates an EventBus, with optional GCP connection settings.

func (*EventBus) AddHandler

func (b *EventBus) AddHandler(ctx context.Context, m eh.EventMatcher, h eh.EventHandler) error

AddHandler implements the AddHandler method of the eventhorizon.EventBus interface.

func (*EventBus) Errors

func (b *EventBus) Errors() <-chan eh.EventBusError

Errors implements the Errors method of the eventhorizon.EventBus interface.

func (*EventBus) HandleEvent

func (b *EventBus) HandleEvent(ctx context.Context, event eh.Event) error

HandleEvent implements the HandleEvent method of the eventhorizon.EventHandler interface.

func (*EventBus) HandlerType

func (b *EventBus) HandlerType() eh.EventHandlerType

HandlerType implements the HandlerType method of the eventhorizon.EventHandler interface.

func (*EventBus) Wait

func (b *EventBus) Wait()

Wait for all channels to close in the event bus group

type Option added in v0.11.0

type Option func(*EventBus) error

Option is an option setter used to configure creation.

func WithCodec added in v0.11.0

func WithCodec(codec eh.EventCodec) Option

WithCodec uses the specified codec for encoding events.

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