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Package term contains the logic for terminating instances



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func EligibleInstances

func EligibleInstances(group grp.InstanceGroup, cfg chaosmonkey.AppConfig, app *deploy.App) []*deploy.Instance

EligibleInstances returns a list of instances that belong to group that are eligible for termination It does not include any instances that match the list of exceptions

func Fake

func Fake() chaosmonkey.Terminator

Fake returns a "fake" terminator that just outputs a message upon instance termination

func PickRandomInstance

func PickRandomInstance(group grp.InstanceGroup, cfg chaosmonkey.AppConfig, app *deploy.App) (chaosmonkey.Instance, bool)

PickRandomInstance randomly selects an eligible instance from a group

func Terminate

func Terminate(d deps.Deps, app string, account string, region string, stack string, cluster string) error

Terminate executes the "terminate" command. This selects an instance based on the app, account, region, stack, cluster passed

region, stack, and cluster may be blank


type UnleashedInTestEnv

type UnleashedInTestEnv struct{}

UnleashedInTestEnv is an error returned by Terminate if running unleashed in the test environment, which is not allowed

func (UnleashedInTestEnv) Error

func (err UnleashedInTestEnv) Error() string

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