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const (
	TopicOrder   = "g_order"
	TopicAccount = "g_account"
	TopicFill    = "g_fill"
	TopicBill    = "g_bill"
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const (
	OrderTypeLimit  = OrderType("limit")
	OrderTypeMarket = OrderType("market")
	SideBuy         = Side("buy")
	SideSell        = Side("sell")
	// 初始状态
	OrderStatusNew = OrderStatus("new")
	// 已经加入orderBook
	OrderStatusOpen = OrderStatus("open")
	// 中间状态,请求取消订单
	OrderStatusCancelling = OrderStatus("cancelling")
	// 订单已经被取消,部分成交的订单也是cancelled
	OrderStatusCancelled = OrderStatus("cancelled")
	// 订单完全成交
	OrderStatusFilled          = OrderStatus("filled")
	BillTypeTrade              = BillType("trade")
	DoneReasonFilled           = DoneReason("filled")
	DoneReasonCancelled        = DoneReason("cancelled")
	TransactionStatusPending   = TransactionStatus("pending")
	TransactionStatusCompleted = TransactionStatus("completed")


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type Account

type Account struct {
	Id        int64 `gorm:"column:id;primary_key;AUTO_INCREMENT"`
	CreatedAt time.Time
	UpdatedAt time.Time
	UserId    int64           `gorm:"column:user_id;unique_index:idx_uid_currency"`
	Currency  string          `gorm:"column:currency;unique_index:idx_uid_currency"`
	Hold      decimal.Decimal `gorm:"column:hold" sql:"type:decimal(32,16);"`
	Available decimal.Decimal `gorm:"column:available" sql:"type:decimal(32,16);"`

type Bill

type Bill struct {
	Id        int64 `gorm:"column:id;primary_key;AUTO_INCREMENT"`
	CreatedAt time.Time
	UpdatedAt time.Time
	UserId    int64
	Currency  string
	Available decimal.Decimal `sql:"type:decimal(32,16);"`
	Hold      decimal.Decimal `sql:"type:decimal(32,16);"`
	Type      BillType
	Settled   bool
	Notes     string

type BillType

type BillType string


type BinLogStream

type BinLogStream struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

BinLogStream export

func NewBinLogStream

func NewBinLogStream() *BinLogStream

NewBinLogStream export

func (*BinLogStream) OnRow

func (s *BinLogStream) OnRow(e *canal.RowsEvent) error

OnRow export

func (*BinLogStream) Start

func (s *BinLogStream) Start()

Start export

type Config

type Config struct {
	Id        int64 `gorm:"column:id;primary_key;AUTO_INCREMENT"`
	CreatedAt time.Time
	UpdatedAt time.Time
	Key       string
	Value     string

type DoneReason

type DoneReason string


type Fill

type Fill struct {
	Id         int64 `gorm:"column:id;primary_key;AUTO_INCREMENT"`
	CreatedAt  time.Time
	UpdatedAt  time.Time
	TradeId    int64
	OrderId    int64 `gorm:"unique_index:o_m"`
	MessageSeq int64 `gorm:"unique_index:o_m"`
	ProductId  string
	Size       decimal.Decimal `sql:"type:decimal(32,16);"`
	Price      decimal.Decimal `sql:"type:decimal(32,16);"`
	Funds      decimal.Decimal `sql:"type:decimal(32,16);"`
	Fee        decimal.Decimal `sql:"type:decimal(32,16);"`
	Liquidity  string
	Settled    bool
	Side       Side
	Done       bool
	DoneReason DoneReason
	LogOffset  int64
	LogSeq     int64

type Order

type Order struct {
	Id            int64 `gorm:"column:id;primary_key;AUTO_INCREMENT"`
	CreatedAt     time.Time
	UpdatedAt     time.Time
	ProductId     string
	UserId        int64
	ClientOid     string
	Size          decimal.Decimal `sql:"type:decimal(32,16);"`
	Funds         decimal.Decimal `sql:"type:decimal(32,16);"`
	FilledSize    decimal.Decimal `sql:"type:decimal(32,16);"`
	ExecutedValue decimal.Decimal `sql:"type:decimal(32,16);"`
	Price         decimal.Decimal `sql:"type:decimal(32,16);"`
	FillFees      decimal.Decimal `sql:"type:decimal(32,16);"`
	Type          OrderType
	Side          Side
	TimeInForce   string
	Status        OrderStatus
	Settled       bool

type OrderStatus

type OrderStatus string


func NewOrderStatusFromString

func NewOrderStatusFromString(s string) (*OrderStatus, error)

func (OrderStatus) String

func (t OrderStatus) String() string

type OrderType

type OrderType string


func (OrderType) String

func (t OrderType) String() string

type Product

type Product struct {
	Id             string `gorm:"column:id;primary_key"`
	CreatedAt      time.Time
	UpdatedAt      time.Time
	BaseCurrency   string
	QuoteCurrency  string
	BaseMinSize    decimal.Decimal `sql:"type:decimal(32,16);"`
	BaseMaxSize    decimal.Decimal `sql:"type:decimal(32,16);"`
	QuoteMinSize   decimal.Decimal `sql:"type:decimal(32,16);"`
	QuoteMaxSize   decimal.Decimal `sql:"type:decimal(32,16);"`
	BaseScale      int32
	QuoteScale     int32
	QuoteIncrement float64

type Side

type Side string


func NewSideFromString

func NewSideFromString(s string) (*Side, error)

func (Side) Opposite

func (s Side) Opposite() Side

func (Side) String

func (s Side) String() string

type Store

type Store interface {
	BeginTx() (Store, error)
	Rollback() error
	CommitTx() error
	GetConfigs() ([]*Config, error)
	GetUserByEmail(email string) (*User, error)
	AddUser(user *User) error
	UpdateUser(user *User) error
	GetAccount(userId int64, currency string) (*Account, error)
	GetAccountsByUserId(userId int64) ([]*Account, error)
	GetAccountForUpdate(userId int64, currency string) (*Account, error)
	AddAccount(account *Account) error
	UpdateAccount(account *Account) error
	GetUnsettledBillsByUserId(userId int64, currency string) ([]*Bill, error)
	GetUnsettledBills() ([]*Bill, error)
	AddBills(bills []*Bill) error
	UpdateBill(bill *Bill) error
	GetProductById(id string) (*Product, error)
	GetProducts() ([]*Product, error)
	GetOrderById(orderId int64) (*Order, error)
	GetOrderByClientOid(userId int64, clientOid string) (*Order, error)
	GetOrderByIdForUpdate(orderId int64) (*Order, error)
	GetOrdersByUserId(userId int64, statuses []OrderStatus, side *Side, productId string,
		beforeId, afterId int64, limit int) ([]*Order, error)
	AddOrder(order *Order) error
	UpdateOrder(order *Order) error
	UpdateOrderStatus(orderId int64, oldStatus, newStatus OrderStatus) (bool, error)
	GetLastFillByProductId(productId string) (*Fill, error)
	GetUnsettledFillsByOrderId(orderId int64) ([]*Fill, error)
	GetUnsettledFills(count int32) ([]*Fill, error)
	UpdateFill(fill *Fill) error
	AddFills(fills []*Fill) error
	GetLastTradeByProductId(productId string) (*Trade, error)
	GetTradesByProductId(productId string, count int) ([]*Trade, error)
	AddTrades(trades []*Trade) error
	GetTicksByProductId(productId string, granularity int64, limit int) ([]*Tick, error)
	GetLastTickByProductId(productId string, granularity int64) (*Tick, error)
	AddTicks(ticks []*Tick) error

type Tick

type Tick struct {
	Id          int64 `gorm:"column:id;primary_key;AUTO_INCREMENT"`
	CreatedAt   time.Time
	UpdatedAt   time.Time
	ProductId   string          `gorm:"unique_index:p_g_t"`
	Granularity int64           `gorm:"unique_index:p_g_t"`
	Time        int64           `gorm:"unique_index:p_g_t"`
	Open        decimal.Decimal `sql:"type:decimal(32,16);"`
	High        decimal.Decimal `sql:"type:decimal(32,16);"`
	Low         decimal.Decimal `sql:"type:decimal(32,16);"`
	Close       decimal.Decimal `sql:"type:decimal(32,16);"`
	Volume      decimal.Decimal `sql:"type:decimal(32,16);"`
	LogOffset   int64
	LogSeq      int64

type Trade

type Trade struct {
	Id           int64 `gorm:"column:id;primary_key;AUTO_INCREMENT"`
	CreatedAt    time.Time
	UpdatedAt    time.Time
	ProductId    string
	TakerOrderId int64
	MakerOrderId int64
	Price        decimal.Decimal `sql:"type:decimal(32,16);"`
	Size         decimal.Decimal `sql:"type:decimal(32,16);"`
	Side         Side
	Time         time.Time
	LogOffset    int64
	LogSeq       int64

type Transaction

type Transaction struct {
	Id          int64 `gorm:"column:id;primary_key;AUTO_INCREMENT"`
	CreatedAt   time.Time
	UpdatedAt   time.Time
	UserId      int64
	Currency    string
	BlockNum    int
	ConfirmNum  int
	Status      TransactionStatus
	FromAddress string
	ToAddress   string
	Note        string
	TxId        string

type TransactionStatus

type TransactionStatus string

type User

type User struct {
	Id           int64 `gorm:"column:id;primary_key;AUTO_INCREMENT"`
	CreatedAt    time.Time
	UpdatedAt    time.Time
	UserId       int64
	Email        string
	PasswordHash string


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