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func LoadConfigFile

func LoadConfigFile(config *viper.Viper, configDir string, configName string, bindFlagSet *flag.FlagSet, loadDefault bool, dontParseFlags ...bool) error

LoadConfigFile fetches config values from a dir defined in "configDir" (or the current working dir if not set) into a given viper instance.

It automatically reads in a single config with name defined in "configName" and ending with: .json, .toml, .yaml or .yml (in this sequence) or the file extension in configName if available.

func PrintConfig

func PrintConfig(config *viper.Viper, ignoreSettingsAtPrint ...[]string)

PrintConfig prints the actual configuration, ignoreSettingsAtPrint are not shown


type BoolParameter

type BoolParameter struct {
	Name         string
	Value        *bool
	DefaultValue bool
	Description  string

type IntParameter

type IntParameter struct {
	Name         string
	Value        *int
	DefaultValue int
	Description  string

type IntParameterConsumer

type IntParameterConsumer = func(param *IntParameter)

type StringParameter

type StringParameter struct {
	Name         string
	Value        *string
	DefaultValue string
	Description  string

type StringParameterConsumer

type StringParameterConsumer = func(param *StringParameter)

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